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Amigos de las Aves (abbreviated as ADLA) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of nature in Latin America and the Caribbean. ADLA works to protect and preserve birds, their habitats, and the biodiversity found in this region of the world.


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ADLA mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Amigos de las Aves

Shorthand: ADLA,
Full Form: Amigos de las Aves

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What does ADLA do?

Amigos de las Aves (ADLA) is a non-profit organization that works towards conservation of nature in Latin America and the Caribbean by protecting birds, their habitats and its biodiversity.

What is ADLA's geographical coverage?

ADLA focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean as its main target area for conservation of birds and their habitats.

How does ADLA work toward conserving bird species?

The strategies adopted by ADLA include habitat restoration, public education about bird conservation, research to inform better management practices, advocacy for stronger legal protection for threatened species, and creating capacity building programs for local communities to support sustainable livelihoods.

How can I get involved with ADLA?

To take part in our mission, you can consider donating to help us fund projects or donating your time by volunteering with local projects or helping out with fundraising efforts. Besides donations, you can participate in fundraisers or other activities organized by local branches of Amigos de Las Aves. You can also spread knowledge about conservation among your peers through workshops or talks.

What kind of donations are accepted by ADLA?

Donations may come monetary form or material form such as housing materials used in nest boxes construction, binoculars/cameras used for research, medical materials/equipment used in healthcare services provided at our sites.

Final Words:
Amigos de las Aves (ADLA) is committed to the preservation and protection of nature worldwide through aiding endangered bird species across Latin America and the Caribbean. By providing resources such as habitat restoration projects, educational campaigns, fundraising events, capacity building programs for local communities and more; individuals have various opportunities to become involved with their important mission.

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