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ADLA stands for Animal Defense League of Arizona. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of animals through advocacy, education, and protection. The ADLA works towards reducing animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect by providing individuals and communities with effective resources and support. They provide outreach to pet owners in need, serve as advocates in legal proceedings involving animal welfare, rescue animals in distress, offer emergency veterinary care, educate the public about animal cruelty prevention and more. Through their innovative programs and services, the ADLA strives to ensure that all animals are respected and protected from harm.


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ADLA mostly used in an acronym Animals in Category Miscellaneous that means Animal Defense League of Arizona

Shorthand: ADLA,
Full Form: Animal Defense League of Arizona

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The mission of the ADLA is to promote a better life for all companion animals by advocating for their safety, education for responsible ownership, and support for a compassionate society. The ADLA works daily to protect Arizona’s pets and horses from suffering due to intolerable conditions brought about by abuse or neglect through advocacy initiatives, outreach efforts, awareness campaigns and training programs.

Programs & Services

The ADLA offers a variety of programs such as adoption services, spay/neuter assistance programs, humane education classes in schools and youth programs on dog bite prevention. They also provide crisis intervention such as rescuing animals in critical need along with supplying temporary foster homes while permanent homes are found whenever possible. The ADLA provides emergency veterinary care; education on issues related to animal welfare including laws pertaining to caring for pets; free food banks throughout the Phoenix area; low cost spay/neuter clinics; pet therapy events; educational seminars on non-lethal alternatives to dealing with wild life encounters; equine retirement centers; horse rescues; humane retrieve operations; microchipping clinics; disaster preparedness workshops; trapped cat rescue teams & more!

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What is the mission of ADLA?

The mission of Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA) is to provide for the humane and compassionate treatment of animals, rescue and placing animals in need, and promoting animal rights through advocacy, education, and legislation.

How can I help ADLA accomplish its goals?

There are various ways you can help. You can make a donation to help us better serve the animals in our care. Additionally, you may also volunteer your time to support our cause. Other helpful activities include becoming an advocate for animal rights or attending educational events with us.

What type of animals does ADLA take in?

Animals entering into our adoption program are primarily cats and dogs that have been surrendered by their current guardians or rescued from abuse/neglect situations. We also occasionally take in rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, and other small mammals as space allows.

Does ADLA offer foster-based programs?

Yes! We have a very successful foster program which helps us place more animals into loving homes with dedicated fosters. Fostering means providing a temporary home for an animal while they wait to be adopted out permanently. All needed supplies (e.g., food, litter box/bedding) will be provided by ADLA for approved foster families.

How long do I have to wait before I hear back about my application if I want to adopt from ADLA?

Depending on the availability of staff members and volunteers, turnaround times may vary; however we usually respond within 48 hours after we receive an adoption application form submission. If you don't hear from us within that time frame please contact us directly at your earliest convenience via phone or email so we can expedite the process!

What type of due diligence does ADLA perform when adopting out an animal?

We ensure that each applicant passes all necessary requirements prior to adoption approval such as providing references from current/past landlords if applicable or proof of pet deposit if requested by landlord. Applicants must also have knowledge/experience providing excellent animal care practices as we strive to find the best possible fit when placing an adoptable pet into a new home.

Are all pets adopted out up-to-date with vaccinations?

All pets are up-to-date with recommended preventative care protocols including spaying/neutering at minimum as well as age appropriate vaccinations upon adoption completion just prior to being placed in their new home.

What additional services does ADLA provide besides adoptions?

In addition to find adoptive homes for animals in need we provide low cost spay/neuter services along with general medical care such as physical exams, vaccines and even microchipping services depending on eligibility requirements which can be discussed upon request with one of our team members..

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The Animal Defense League of Arizona is dedicated to protecting animals from mistreatment or neglect in order to ensure they receive the respect they deserve. Through proper education on responsible pet ownership and various other initiatives that help improve animal welfare standards across the state of Arizona they work hard toward improving the lives of all companion animals seeking safe havens..

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