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Anaconda Deer Lodge County (ADLC) is an abbreviation used to refer to a county located in the U.S. state of Montana. The county seat of ADLC is Anaconda, and the county takes its name from the nearby Anaconda Mountains and Deer Lodge Valley which was once an important mining area.


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ADLC mostly used in an acronym Counties in Category Regional that means Anaconda Deer Lodge County

Anaconda Deer Lodge County

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What is the full name of ADLC?

The full name of ADLC is Anaconda Deer Lodge County.

What state is ADLC located in?

ADLC is located in Montana, a U.S. state.

What city is the county seat for ADLC?

The county seat for ADLC is Anaconda, a city in Montana.

What was once an important mining area near ADLC?

The Deer Lodge Valley was once an important mining area near ADLC.

How did ADLC get its name?

ADLC got its name from the nearby Anaconda Mountains and Deer Lodge Valley.

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In summary, Anaconda Deer Lodge County (ADLC) refers to a county located in Montana, with its county seat being Anaconda and taking its name from the nearby mountains and valley areas that were once important for mining activities centuries ago.

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