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The Army Distance Learning Plan (ADLP) is an initiative designed to help members of the U.S. Army gain access to educational opportunities from any location. Through this online learning program, active-duty soldiers and their families can take classes and earn college credits from the comfort of home or while serving abroad.


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ADLP mostly used in an acronym Military in Category Governmental that means Army Distance Learning Plan

Shorthand: ADLP,
Full Form: Army Distance Learning Plan

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The Army Distance Learning Plan offers classes in academic areas such as mathematics, science, engineering, technology, business and social sciences. To ensure that all students receive quality instruction regardless of their location, each course is taught by a qualified instructor who is certified by the American Council on Education (ACE). The ADLP curriculum has been approved by ACE for college credit recommendation and can be used toward degrees at various universities and colleges nationwide. In addition to traditional courses, the ADLP also offers virtual laboratory courses that use computer simulations to give students a hands-on learning experience without requiring them to come into a physical lab setting. This approach helps reduce costs associated with physical labs while providing a quality educational experience. To help meet the unique needs of soldiers serving in combat zones or deployed overseas, the ADLP also offers specialized courses known as Deployable Academic Training Programs (DATPs). These courses are designed to provide education support wherever personnel are located around the world and have been successfully implemented in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations worldwide.

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What is the Army Distance Learning Plan?

The Army Distance Learning Plan (ADLP) is an overarching guidance and policy document that directs, guides, and controls the Army's distance learning programs. It provides a framework for institutionalizing distance learning across the force and establishing requirements for core capabilities that enable the delivery of applicable and effective education to Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Family members.

How does ADLP benefit Soldiers?

ADLP enables Soldiers to further their professional development by providing access to accredited college-level courses online regardless of where they are located. It also allows them to provide flexible learning options while both meeting mission requirements and continuing their personal development.

How does ADLP benefit Army Civilians?

ADLP gives civilians access to a variety of training opportunities such as classroom based instruction at home station or remote locations as well as training via computer simulations or self-paced eLearning allowing them flexibility to continue their professional development no matter where they may be located.

What kind of courses does ADLP offer?

ADLP offers a variety of courses from technical skills, leader development, accreditation-related coursework, certification classes, graduate level programs and more. All courses offered through ADLP are developed with input from professional subject matter experts in order to ensure they are up-to-date with industry standards.

Does ADLP require any special software or hardware?

For most course offerings provided by the Army via distance learning there is no special hardware required. To complete courses online most users will need to have updated versions of Adobe Reader and Microsoft Office along with headsets or audio equipment prior to enrolling in a course. Additional requirements may vary between institutions depending on what type of course you are enrolled in.

Do I need internet access for every topic covered on an ADLP course?

No - While it is helpful for completing certain portions of some courses having access to an internet connection isn't necessary in order to cover all topics related to a particular class relying solely on print materials with supplemental video content can also be used in some instances.

Is there a cost associated with taking an army distance learning plan course?

Generally speaking there is no cost associated with taking an army distance learning plan course however individual colleges and universities may charge tuition fees for certain degree programs offered via ADLP which you would be responsible for paying.

Are credits earned through an army distance learning plan transferrable?

Yes — Depending on where you're taking the course credits earned through an army distance learning plan can often be transferred towards completion of your degree program at another institution.

What type of support do I have once I register for an army distance learning plan course?

Once registered students are typically provided dedicated support services tailored specifically towards their individual needs including assistance with registration process, academic advisement, technical assistance regarding software compatibility issues etc.

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The Army Distance Learning Plan provides educational opportunities for military personnel around the world so they can continue advancing their skills and knowledge even if their day-to-day duties prevent them from physically attending classes. By offering a wide range of courses plus virtual labs and DATPs specifically tailored for remote deployments, ADLP makes it easy for service members to access educational resources no matter where they are located.

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