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ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) is one of America’s largest food and agriculture companies, with operations in over 140 countries. Founded in 1902 by George Archer and John Daniels, the company began as a small grain milling business. Today, ADM is a global leader in the production of agricultural products such as grains, oilseeds, cocoa, corn sweeteners and more. ADM has also expanded into other markets including animal nutrition, energy and sustainability. As one of the world's largest food companies, ADM strives to deliver safe and healthy food solutions to people around the world.


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Shorthand: ADM,
Full Form: Archer Daniels Midland

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What is Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)?

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) is an American based food processing and commodities trading company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The company operates more than 270 plants and 420 crop procurement facilities around the world. ADM specializes in a wide range of processed food and feed ingredients, including high-fructose corn syrup, vegetable oils, animal feed, flour, and wheat gluten.

Where is ADM based?

ADM is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company also has over 270 plants and 420 crop procurement facilities located in nearly 140 countries.

Does ADM sell products directly to individuals?

No. ADM does not sell products directly to individuals. Instead, the company sells its products to resellers who then distribute them to consumers.

Does ADM have any sustainability initiatives?

Yes. ADM has implemented several global sustainability initiatives which are focused on reducing the environmental impact of its operations while promoting long-term sustainable development. These include investing in renewable energy sources such as wind power, improving animal welfare standards and reducing water usage throughout their production processes.

Does ADM use GMO ingredients?

While some of the ingredients used by the company may be genetically modified organisms (GMO), all food ingredients produced by the company are labeled according to relevant regulations governing GM labeling policy in each country or region where they operate.

How can I contact an ADM representative?

You can contact an ADM representative by visiting their website at www.adm.com/contactus or by calling +1 800-637-5843 (U.S.), +44 203 051 8144 (UK & Ireland). Alternatively you can also reach out via email at [email protected].

Does ADM have a presence on social media?

Yes! You can find ADMs official accounts on Facebook (@ArcherDanielsMidlandCompany), Twitter (@ADMAgServices), Instagram (@ADMAgriculture )and other popular social media networks.

Does ADM offer internships or educational programs for students?

Yes! The company offers various internship programs for students across different fields such as engineering, finance and marketing as well as educational programs like study abroad opportunities for those interested in international business.

What type of career opportunities does ADM provide?

The company offers a variety of career opportunities depending on your field of interest ranging from entry level positions up to executive managerial roles such as President or Vice President of various departments.

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The Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), founded over 100 years ago as a small grain milling business, has grown into an international powerhouse that produces some of the most recognizable products on our grocery store shelves today! From grains to energy sources, ADM has become respected around the world for their commitment to providing safe quality food solutions while also being environmentally conscious. With cutting-edge science driving technologies that enhance sustainability & efficiency both inside & outside their doors - we can’t help but admire what ADM has accomplished - & continues to accomplish - each & every day!

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