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An Absolute Distance Meter (ADM) is an instrument used to measure the distance between two points. It is typically used in surveying applications, as well as in a variety of fields including engineering and construction. ADM is a highly accurate and precise measuring tool that provides operators with quick readings.


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ADM mostly used in an acronym Physics in Category Academic & Science that means Absolute Distance Meter

Absolute Distance Meter

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What is an Absolute Distance Meter?

An Absolute Distance Meter (ADM) is an instrument used for measuring the distance between two points. It is often used in surveying, engineering, and construction applications.

How accurate are ADMs?

ADMs are very accurate and precise instruments that can provide operators with quick readings.

What tasks can be done with an ADM?

An ADM can be used in tasks such as surveying, landscaping, engineering, and construction projects.

How long has the ADM been around?

The Absolute Distance Meter has been around since the early 20th century when it was first developed by manufacturers such as Leica Geosystems Austriamark GmbH and Trimble Navigation Limited.

Are there different types of ADMs?

Yes, there are several different types of ADMs available on the market today, including total stations, robotic total stations, GNSS receivers, laser scanners, and rangefinders.

Final Words:
The Absolute Distance Meter (ADM) is a versatile instrument that has been used for many years by surveyors and engineers alike to accurately measure distances between two points. With its high level of accuracy and precision, it remains an essential tool for those who need to measure short or long distances quickly and accurately.

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