What does ADM mean in NAVY

ADC stands for Admiral, a military rank that is superior to a Vice Admiral and subordinate to a Fleet Admiral. Admirals are typically of the highest commissioned ranks in the navy and they have a responsibility over all of the ships in their fleet.


ADM meaning in Navy in Governmental

ADM mostly used in an acronym Navy in Category Governmental that means Admiral

Shorthand: ADM,
Full Form: Admiral

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What does ADC stand for?

ADC stands for Admiral.

What is an Admiral's job?

An Admiral's job is to oversee all operations of their fleet including activities such as training, execution of tactics, and logistical operations.

What rank is higher than an Admiral?

A Fleet Admiral holds a higher rank than an Admiral.

What other titles are given to an Admiral?

Other titles given to an Admiral include Captain-General, Grand Admiral, High Sea Lord, and Commander-in-Chief.

Are Admirals part of the senior staff?

Yes, Admirals are part of the senior staff and serve in senior roles such as Chief of Naval Operations or Commanders in Chief.

Final Words:
The title of ADC (Admiral) signifies great responsibility and respect within the military hierarchy structure. It is one of the highest ranks attainable in naval operations and carries with it immense duties and responsibilities that come with overseeing entire fleets or battle groups at sea.

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