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ADM stands for Acres Davy McKee, a leading provider of engineering and project management services for a wide range of industrial projects. With more than 60 years' experience in the business, ADM has established itself as a reliable partner with an impressive track record of successfully completing major industry projects across the globe. At the heart of its success lies an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that has earned it an enviable reputation among clients and partners.


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ADM mostly used in an acronym Companies & Firms in Category Business that means Acres Davy McKee

Shorthand: ADM,
Full Form: Acres Davy McKee

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Variety Of Services

At ADM, they offer a variety of services ranging from engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) to commissioning and start-up. As part of their EPCM offering, they provide detailed project planning, engineering design and management services right through to operations and maintenance support upon completion. The company also specialises in turnkey solutions for all types of process plants, allowing their clients to benefit from their extensive knowledge in plant design. Furthermore, ADM offers project assurance services at all stages of the project lifecycle such as contract review & analysis or risk audits that help mitigate risk exposure during any project implementation.

Commitment To Quality And The Environment

ADM are committed to delivering excellent quality service for each project they take on whilst also maintaining respect for both the environment and safety regulations related to each project. They rigorously maintain excellence by following international standards such as ISO 9001:2015 requirements with regard to quality management systems which ensures meeting customer needs alongside operating efficiency. With regards to environmental concerns, the team carefully considers any potential impact on biodiversity or ecosystems affected by any development before starting work. The company works collaboratively with appropriate authorities like local government bodies, conservationists or concerned organisations to ensure responsible progress throughout all aspects of each project life cycle.

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Who is Acres Davy McKee?

Acres Davy McKee is a multi-disciplinary engineering and project management firm. We specialize in providing quality, cost effective services in the areas of civil and structural engineering, environmental engineering, construction management, environmental remediation, pavement and bridge design, wastewater engineering, site planning and surveying.

What services does Acres Davy McKee offer?

Acres Davy McKee provides a range of professional services such as civil and structural engineering, environmental engineering, construction management, environmental remediation, pavement and bridge design, wastewater engineering and site planning. We are also equipped to provide professional surveying services.

Where is Acres Davy McKee located?

Acres Davy McKee has offices located in two locations - Edmonton and Calgary. Please contact us directly to find out more information regarding our office location(s).

Is there an online option for obtaining quotes from Acres Davy McKee?

Yes! Our website offers an easy-to-use “Request a Quote” form that allows you to quickly get pricing information for the services that you require. Simply provide us with some basic details about your project or requirements and we will reply with an estimated quote.

How long has Acres Davy McKee been in operation?

Acres Davy McKee was founded in 1971. We have since grown into one of western Canada's premier providers of infrastructure consulting services for local governments and private clients alike.

Does Acres Davy MckKee have any certifications?

Yes! We proudly hold certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality assurance), COR (corporate safety) accreditation & ISO 14001 (environmental management). This means that all the work we undertake meets or exceeds industry standards in terms of quality assurance, safety procedures & best practices when it comes to protecting the environment during any project activity.

Does Acres Davy MckKee use green technology/sustainable materials?

Yes! We strive to use green technology whenever possible in order to reduce our overall impact on the environment over time. Also we selectively choose suppliers who utilize sustainable materials based on their commitment to minimizing environmental impacts throughout their supply chain operations.

Are there any special promotions offered by Acres Davy MckKee?

Yes! From time to time we may offer promotional discounts or other incentives related to certain service packages that we offer customers that come through our website or contact us directly via customer service channels. Please inquire with us directly if you would like more information about current promotions or discounts available at this time..

Does AcresDavy Mckee have references/testimonials available I can read up on?

Absolutely! We understand how important it is for customers to acquire additional information before deciding which service provider is best suited for their needs - so yes please do view our testimonials page which features customer feedback from individuals who have had a successful experience working with us recently.

Final Words:
Overall, Acres Davy McKee is an established name in major industrial projects which provides a diverse array of engineering, construction and management services that guarantee client satisfaction every time whilst also considering their own commitment towards preserving the planet's resources. With over 6 decades' worth of experience backed up by their recognised track record in the industry, ADM is certainly an ideal choice for complex projects that demand both expertise and responsibility.

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