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ADM stands for Application Development Maintenance. It is a broad term used to describe the processes associated with the maintenance and improvement of software applications. ADM plays a large role in modern business, as it helps businesses ensure that their software is secure, reliable, and up-to-date. ADM involves activities such as bug fixes, system enhancements, performance improvements, user interface updates, and other tasks that help maintain and improve the software application's operation.


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ADM mostly used in an acronym Development in Category Community that means Application Development maintenance

Shorthand: ADM,
Full Form: Application Development maintenance

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Processes Involved With ADM

Application Development Maintenance typically includes several distinct processes. These processes include problem identification and resolution, changes to the code base, deployment of new features or functions into production environments, testing of changes to the code base before they are released to production environments, and regular validation of deployed applications. Additionally, it may include activities such as system design modifications or adjustments to how the application interacts with different parts of an organization's infrastructure or environment.

Benefits of Application Development Maintenance

By investing in ADM services, organizations can benefit from improved security measures that will protect their data from potential threats. Additionally, it can help avoid costly downtime due to unaddressed application issues that could result in lost revenue or customer dissatisfaction. Furthermore, properly maintained software applications help ensure high levels of user experience by providing faster response times when interacting with the application and improved usability due to new features or bug fixes being deployed regularly.

Essential Questions and Answers on Application Development maintenance in "COMMUNITY»DEVELOPMENT"

What is Application Development Maintenance?

Application Development Maintenance (ADM) is the process of maintaining, enhancing and updating existing code in a software application. This includes any bug fixes, enhancements to the application's functionality, data migration tasks and other such tasks to ensure the software runs as expected.

What are some of the benefits of ADM?

ADM can help improve the overall performance of a software application in terms of speed, reliability and quality. It can also help extend the life span of an existing application by making sure it remains up-to-date with new technology advancements. Additionally, it helps reduce costs by avoiding costly rewrites and maintaining legacy applications.

Who is involved in ADM?

Typically software engineers and developers are responsible for carrying out maintenance activities as part of ADM. However, other roles such as project managers, system analysts and business analysts may be involved when more complex development or maintenance processes are carried out.

What kind of testing activities are done during ADM?

Depending on the scope and complexity of development activities performed during ADM, a variety of testing methods may be employed to ensure that features work as expected and that no issues have been introduced into the system as a result of maintenance changes. These include unit testing, functional testing, regression testing, integration testing and user acceptance tests among others.

How often should ADM be performed?

The frequency for performing maintenance activities under ADM depends on several factors such as the number of users using the software application, frequency at which updates or enhancements need to be introduced to keep pace with technical changes in industries or markets being served by the application etc. Ideally it should be done regularly depending upon these specific factors for optimal performance and efficiency gains from existing applications.

Is there any way to automate ADM?

Many recurring tasks associated with Application Development Maintenance can be automated using scripts or tools like configuration management systems (CMS). This automation reduces manual effort required for running tests thus saving time spent in performing redundant tasks repetitively while ensuring consistency across different deployments or environments where applications are used.

What is versioning control under ADM?

Versioning control is one method used while performing maintenance activities under ADM where different versions or stages of an application’s source code can be tracked from its initial development phase through multiple releases over time till present iterations which makes understanding past decisions taken while developing an application easier when reviewing certain areas later on when modifications or updates come up again especially when looking at long term goals for improving overall performance & scalability.

Final Words:
Application Development Maintenance is an important part of any organization's IT strategy since it helps keep its data secure while ensuring that its software continues to perform well over time. By investing in quality ADM services organizations can reap numerous benefits such as improved security measures, zero downtime due to application issues and improved usability through regular bug fixes and feature deployments.

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