The Australian Disease Management Association (ADMA) is a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of disease management research, the promotion of best practice guidelines and the support of those living with chronic illnesses. Established in 2005, ADMA has been a driving force in helping Australians achieve better health outcomes by providing resources, education and guidance throughout their journey to health.


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Shorthand: ADMA,
Full Form: Australian Disease Management Association

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What does ADMA offer

ADMA provides a range of services to help people manage their chronic illnesses. These include evidence-based information about disease management, referrals to healthcare professionals, training workshops for healthcare providers and members, access to medical professionals with expertise in specific conditions such as diabetes or asthma, advocacy and educational programs on various diseases and general advice on lifestyle changes that can improve quality of life.

Services & Programs

At ADMA we provide support to people living with chronic illness through our comprehensive range of services which include patient education programs, referral networks, health coaching and patient support groups. Our extensive library of resources includes information about specific diseases, treatment options available and best practice guidelines for individuals to self-manage their condition. We also host seminars and forums throughout the year educating attendees about current researches advances related to their condition as well as addressing other important topics such as financial assistance for medication costs or how to access specialist care when needed.

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What is the Australian Disease Management Association?

The Australian Disease Management Association (ADMA) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that seeks to improve the quality of health care and disease management through evidence-based initiatives. We aim to empower healthcare practitioners, consumers and industry stakeholders with knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage chronic diseases.

How does ADMA support healthcare professionals?

ADMA provides a range of educational resources for health professionals including seminars, workshops, webinars and eLearning modules. These are designed to provide up-to-date information on chronic disease management in Australia. We also facilitate opportunities for networking and collaboration with peers.

How can I become a member of ADMA?

ADMA membership is open to all health professionals who work with or have an interest in chronic disease management in Australia. A variety of annual membership packages are available, tailored to suit individual needs and interests. To join, simply visit our website and complete the online form.

How can I access ADMA's education resources?

All our education resources and events can be accessed via our website www.admaonline.org.au/Education/. Here you will find details of upcoming events as well as links to past resources such as PowerPoints and white papers.

Does ADMA offer any special benefits for members?

Yes! Our members receive exclusive discounts on professional development events, access to members only forums on topics such as research data and disease pathways, discounts on publications from leading medical journals plus many more benefits!

Is there an App available for accessing ADMA resources?

Yes! Our dedicated app is available for iOS or Android devices via the App Store or Google Play Store respectively — just search ‘ADMA' for easy access!

Final Words:
The Australian Disease Management Association (ADMA) is committed to helping Australians living with chronic illnesses achieve better health outcomes through evidence-based information, support networks and patient education programs. Our mission is to make it easier for people living with a chronic illness find the right resources they need so they can feel empowered in managing their own health care — enabling them to make informed decisions that lead to improved quality of life.

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