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ADMD stands for the Association of Prefab Houses (APHF) in Czech and Slovak. This association was founded in 2000 to support providers of prefab houses and to promote the use of high-quality prefab houses for residential and commercial purposes. The association works closely with architects, engineers, housing developers, and local authorities across both countries to ensure the best possible standard of living is offered by modular homes.


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ADMD mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Asociace dodavatelů montovaných domů

Shorthand: ADMD,
Full Form: Asociace dodavatelů montovaných domů

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ADMD Meaning

In terms of construction work, ADMD represents an organisation that is dedicated to providing prefabricated homes with excellent design quality. These homes can be used as a part of permanent or temporary accommodation solutions, offering a level of comfort and convenience that is not always available when constructing a traditional house. The association also helps to intermediaries between local authorities and home builders, seeking to reach mutual agreement on various aspects including safety regulations and permits needed for the structure before it can become inhabitable.

ADMD Full Form

The full form for ADMD stands for "Asociace Dodavatelů Montovaných Domů," which translates into English as "Association of Prefab House Providers." This professional organisation works to ensure that quality standards are maintained across this sector, helping to ensure that only approved materials are used in the construction process. They also review any governing laws related to building techniques so that local governments can ensure safety regulations are met when these structures are erected.

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What is ADMD?

ADMD stands for Association of Suppliers of Prefabricated Houses. It is an association of manufacturers and suppliers of prefabricated houses and related products, providing a range of services to promote the use of prefabricated housing throughout Europe.

What are the advantages of prefabricated houses?

Prefabricated houses are an affordable, efficient way to provide quality housing quickly and cost-effectively. They require less labor, fewer materials and much less time than traditional construction methods because they use uniform parts that are easily assembled in a factory setting. Additionally, they are strong, energy efficient and often come with warranties that last up to 25 years.

Are there any disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is that they lack the customisation options available with traditionally built homes. Since they typically arrive pre-assembled, it can be difficult to make changes or additions once the house has been delivered to its destination.

Can prefabricated houses be transported over long distances?

Absolutely! Prefabricated houses can be disassembled into smaller sections for transport on large trucks or rail cars from their place of manufacture to their final destination. Once there, they can usually be reassembled within a few days or weeks using basic hand tools and no heavy machinery.

What kind of services does ADMD provide?

The services provided by ADMD include advice on production methods, product certification, support for research activities and monitoring market trends in order to ensure that the best possible products are manufactured and supplied to customers worldwide. They also strive to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations through regular site inspections as well as frequent training sessions for contractors and installers.

What does it mean if a home is certified by ADMD?

When a home is certified by ADMD it means that each stage in its production process was thoroughly inspected by experts in order to verify the quality of materials used as well as proper assembly techniques used during manufacturing. Additionally, the home meets all current applicable building codes and regulations at both the national level as well as at the international level if applicable.

How long have prefabricated houses been used?

Prefabricated houses have been around since before WWII when mass produced steel frame buildings or “prefabs” were used extensively in England during wartimes shortages. Today modern prefabrication technology has made them even more popular due their low cost yet high quality build standards.

Does ADMD offer installation services too?

Yes! In addition to certifying products, ADMD provides qualified installers who have received specialised training in order to ensure proper installation processes are followed according customer specifications as well as local building code requirements.

What type of maintenance do I need for my prefabricated house?

Generally speaking, normal preventative maintenance such window cleaning, roof maintenance etc., should be carried out every year or so depending on your area's climate conditions which increases overall durability lifespan. Additionally you should consider replacing windows, doors, insulation etc., every 10+ years – depending on build material – which will further improve your home's efficiency.

Final Words:
The Association of Prefab Houses is an important resource for those who are looking into building a modular home either as a permanent residence or as an alternative living solution. It provides guidance on quality standards and regulations from both local and national bodies which need to be followed when constructing these buildings. In doing so it ensures its members can offer optimal levels of comfort in their properties without facing any unnecessary obstacles in their constructions process.


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