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ADMI is an acronym that stands for Aspen Dental Management Inc. It is a dental management company that provides business, marketing, and overall operational support to independent dental practices across the United States. Founded in 1998, ADMI has helped hundreds of dentists maximize their practice’s potential and achieve success. Today, the company proudly serves more than 500 dental practices nationwide.


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ADMI mostly used in an acronym Dental in Category Medical that means Aspen Dental Management Inc

Shorthand: ADMI,
Full Form: Aspen Dental Management Inc

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What Does ADMI Do? ADMI offers a wide range of services designed to assist solo practitioners or large multi-location practices with their day-to-day operations and business growth objectives. Their services include but are not limited to

patient database management protocols; financial reporting tools; digital office technology solutions; customer relationship/loyalty programs; Medicare billing processes; credentialing assistance; clinical reimbursement guidance; practice assessment tools; recruiting/retention strategies; regulatory compliance audits; background screening services; marketing consultation services; as well as ongoing 24/7 support for technical issues or staff training opportunities.

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What does Aspen Dental Management Inc do?

ADMI is the leading dental care provider in North America, providing comprehensive services in dentistry from preventive care and cleanings to complex restorative and cosmetic services. ADMI works with a network of affiliated owned and non-owned dental practices who work collaboratively to provide quality patient care.

How can I find an Aspen Dental location near me?

Visit our website at www.aspendental.com/dentist/locations to find the nearest location near you. You can also call us at 1-800-ASPEN-DENTAL (1-800-277-3633) for help finding an Aspen office.

Does Aspen Dental accept my insurance?

Yes, most major insurance plans are accepted at Aspen Dental offices. You may check your coverage, make a payment or update your information online – just visit our Insurance page or contact your local office for more details about your specific plan coverage.

Is financing available through ADMI?

Yes, we offer CareCredit as a financing option for those who need it. With CareCredit, you can get the treatment you need now and pay over time through a variety of monthly payment plans that fit into any budget. Contact our office nearest to you or visit http://www.carecredit.com/ for more information on how to apply for CareCredit.

Are dental implants available through ADMI?

Yes, dental implants are one of the many services available at all of our locations nationwide . Our experienced team will assess your needs and help develop an individualized implant treatment plan that is right for you.. For more information on dental implant options please contact your local office or visit https://www.aspendentalimplantsolutions/.

How much does a cleaning cost at ADMI?

The cost of a cleaning depends on many factors such as insurance coverage, type of service provided and whether additional treatments are needed during the visit . We recommend contacting your local office directly to get pricing information specific to you before scheduling an appointment..

Final Words:
ADMI has been a professional partner to hundreds of dentists across the United States since 1998, providing them with top quality business tools and marketing guidance necessary to succeed both clinically and financially. They offer expert advice on all aspects of setting up a successful practice from start-up consulting to legal compliance processes as well as comprehensive technology options designed to increase operational efficiency while remaining HIPAA compliant at all times. With ADMI’s help, independent dentists can confidently grow their businesses with peace of mind knowing that they have access to the highest quality team of experts available in the industry today.

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