What does ADMS mean in MANAGEMENT

ADMS stands for Apple Device Management Server and is a server that provides businesses and schools with an easy way to manage, deploy, and secure their Apple devices. ADMS allows users to keep track of software updates, configure settings, enforce policies encrypted data backup, monitor the device usage and ensure compliance with the security policies.


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ADMS mostly used in an acronym Management in Category Business that means Apple Device Management Server

Apple Device Management Server

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What is ADMS?

ADMS (Apple Device Management Server) provides businesses and schools with an easy way to manage, deploy and secure their Apple devices.

What are some of the features provided by ADMS?

Some of the features offered by ADMS include keeping track of software updates, configuring settings, enforcing policies encrypted data backup, monitoring device usage and ensuring compliance with the security policies.

How can I set up an ADMS?

You will need a compatible Mac computer running macOS Server 5.5 or later to set up an ADMS server. Additionally you must have access to an Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

Can I use ADMS for personal devices?

No, ADMS is intended for businesses or schools to manage multiple Apple devices. If you wish to manage your own personal device then there are other services available such as Apple’s Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Does my organization need a separate account in order to use the services provided byADMS?

Yes, in order to use the services provided by ADMS your organization will need a separate account with its own unique ID registered through Apple.

Final Words:
The Apple Device Management Server (ADMS) provides organizations with an effective way of managing their Apple devices safely and efficiently while also helping them stay compliant with security regulations. With its range of features it enables them to keep track of their device’s activity as well as pushing out software updates when needed.


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