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Distributed Mission Training (DMT) is a training model employed by government and military agencies to prepare personnel for missions in unfamiliar or hostile operational environments. It involves setting up a distributed network of simulators, remote sites, and personnel from multiple agencies who all participate together in order to improve situational awareness, collaboration skills, and the effectiveness of the mission as a whole. ADMT stands for Air Distributed Mission Trainer and is a type of DMT system specifically designed for the air domain. In this context, ADMT enables air operations personnel to train collaboratively with one another across multiple platforms with realistic simulations of combat scenarios.


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ADMT mostly used in an acronym NASA in Category Governmental that means Air Distributed Mission Trainer

Shorthand: ADMT,
Full Form: Air Distributed Mission Trainer

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What is an ADMT?

An Air Distributed Mission Trainer (ADMT) is a computer-based training system used to train air crews in various mission planning, execution and control activities. It allows for real-time virtual mission simulations and provides a detailed level of realism with avionics systems, weapons and multiple mission scenarios.

What benefits does the ADMT provide?

The ADMT allows aircrews to practice their skills without having to actually fly the missions or use expensive simulators. This reduces training costs and increases readiness by allowing aircrews a full range of mission training scenarios from combat search and rescue, strategic strike, close air support, special operations air assault and more.

Who can use the ADMT?

The ADMT can be used by aircrews of all types on any platform ranging from fighter jets to helicopters to tiltrotors. It can also be used by flight instructors to evaluate performance in various mission profiles as well as create custom training scenarios for individual students.

What type of avionics systems does the ADMT include?

The ADMT includes a wide variety of avionics systems that have been modeled after those found on modern aircraft such as radar, navigation systems, communication systems and electronic warfare suites. It also includes specialized features such as visual indication graphics for situational awareness during missions.

Does the ADMT include weapon modeling capabilities?

Yes, the ADMT includes detailed models for a variety of weapons including missiles, bombs, guns and rockets. Users are able to configure weapon payloads in order to best simulate realistic combat situations.

How much does an ADMT cost?

Prices vary depending on configuration and usage requirements but typically range between $50-$100K USD per simulator station or node.

What type of hardware is needed for an ADMT system?

While exact hardware needs may vary depending on user needs most setups require at least one high end PC with enough RAM and video capability to run the software efficiently along with at least one display output device such as a projector or flat screen monitor. Other peripheral devices such as controllers or steering wheels may also be required depending on applications being simulated.

Can I customize my own scenario in an ADMT system?

Yes! The ADMT offers users great flexibility when it comes to creating custom scenarios which can be tailored specifically for individual student’s needs or skill level. This makes it possible for instructors to create highly effective training programs with maximum learning potential.

Is there any additional training required for an operator using an ADTM system?

Yes basic knowledge in computer operations, flight dynamics principles and mission specific tactical procedures will help ensure that users are able make full use of all aspects of this powerful tool.

Final Words:
In summary, Air Distributed Mission Trainer (ADMT) is a simulation-based training system designed specifically for air operations personnel so they can train collaboratively across multiple platforms and rehearse specific attack tactics prior to engaging in real world aerial operations. The goal is improved situational awareness along with better collaborative efforts and greater accuracy during missions - all while minimizing costs associated with traditional live missions or exercises. With its versatile customization features such as TOE modeling capabilities and weapon type selection options –ADMT is an invaluable resource when it comes preparing military crews within an intended environment.

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