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Anglo Dutch is an abbreviation meaning “Anglo-Dutch Treaty”. It is a treaty signed between the Kingdom of England and the United Provinces of Holland in 1668. This treaty outlined the details of their mutual defence against France, as well as providing for trade between the two countries.


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ADMT mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Anglo Dutch

Shorthand: ADMT,
Full Form: Anglo Dutch

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What does ADMT stand for?

ADMT stands for Anglo Dutch Treaty.

When was the ADMT signed?

The Anglo Dutch Treaty was signed in 1668.

What did the ADMT provide for?

The Anglo Dutch Treaty provided for mutual defense against France and allowed for trade between England and Holland.

Who were involved in signing the ADMT?

The Kingdom of England and United Provinces of Holland were involved in signing the Anglo Dutch Treaty in 1668.

What are some other names for ADMT?

Alternative names for the Anglo Dutch Treaty include England-Holland alliance agreement, or English-Dutch Alliance Agreement.

Final Words:
The Anglo Dutch Treaty was an important document that has played a significant role in determining Britain's foreign policy towards continental Europe over the past several centuries. Despite its obvious historical importance, it remains relatively unknown outside certain British and Dutch academic circles, so this short explanation should help to shed some light on its purpose, structure and impact.

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