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The ACE Desired Ground Zero Number (ADN) is a numerical value used to measure the accuracy of weapon delivery from an air-launched platform. It measures the accuracy of weapon placement to within a certain area or circle on the ground corresponding to a specified weapon effect. This number helps ensure that a given strike will have the desired effect, and that military objectives are not missed due to inaccuracy.


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ADN mostly used in an acronym Military in Category Governmental that means ACE (Allied Command Europe) Desired ground zero Number

ACE (Allied Command Europe) Desired ground zero Number

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What does ADN stand for?

ADN stands for Allied Command Europe Desired Ground Zero Number.

What type of measurement does ADN provide?

ADN provides a numerical measurement of the accuracy of weapon delivery from an air-launched platform.

How does the ADN help to ensure target objectives are met?

The ADN helps make sure that strikes are accurate and have the desired effect, reducing the risk of missed targets due to inaccuracy.

Is ADN used in any other contexts besides military operations?

No, ADN is only used in military operations and is not applicable anywhere else.

Does ACE refer to a specific international organization?

Yes, ACE stands for Allied Command Europe, which is part of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Final Words:
The ACE Desired Ground Zero Number (ADN) is an important measurement in ensuring the accuracy of air-launched weapons during military operations. By measuring the accuracy of weapons deliveries, it helps to reduce risks associated with missed targets due to aim inaccuracies. Knowing this information allows militaries around the world to use their air assets more effectively in combat scenarios.

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