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The Associate Degree Nursing Student Association (ADNSA) is an organization comprised of collegiate nursing students focused on supporting, empowering and uniting future nurses. ADNSA has various programs, resources and initiatives that serve to provide members with career guidance, educational support and networking opportunities.


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ADNSA mostly used in an acronym Nursing in Category Medical that means Associate Degree Nursing Student Association

Associate Degree Nursing Student Association

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Who is eligible to join ADNSA?

Associate Degree Nursing Students who are enrolled in an accredited two-year college or university program are eligible to join ADNSA.

What types of benefits do members receive?

Upon joining, members can access online resources such as a library of nursing articles, discussion forums and mentorship programs that provide information on professional development and the latest industry news. Members can also take advantage of career counseling services offered by ADNSA such as job searches and résumé reviews. Additionally, members are invited to attend exclusive conferences where they can network with other nursing professionals, participate in leadership training seminars and hear lectures from leading medical experts.

How much does membership cost?

Membership to ADNSA is free!

Are there any local chapter meetings I can attend?

Yes! Local chapters are made up of student leaders who host meetings designed to foster networking opportunities while providing a platform for leadership development opportunities. Chapter meetings typically occur once a month on campus or at a nearby location.

Does my membership expire?

No! Once you’ve joined ADNSA your membership lasts for life and you have access to never-ending resources and support from the association.

Final Words:
By becoming a member of the Associate Degree Nursing Student Association (ADNSA), students gain valuable knowledge about the healthcare industry while having access to career counseling services and exclusive networking events tailored towards their needs. With its extensive list of benefits, ADNSA provides essential resources for those seeking success in their academic journey as well as their future careers in nursing.


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