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ADODC stands for ActiveX Data Objects Data Control. It is an object used in software applications to access, manipulate and display data from databases. ADODC provides a wide range of features that enable developers to quickly create powerful database applications.


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ADODC mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means ActiveX Data Objects Data Control

ActiveX Data Objects Data Control

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What is ADODC?

ADODC is an object used in software applications to access, manipulate and display data from databases.

What are some of the features offered by ADODC?

ADODC provides features such as record navigation, sorting, filtering, searching and updating records. It also offers support for multiple database connections and enables developers to integrate their own custom functions into the application.

How can I use ADODC to access data from a database?

In order to use ADODC, you will need to connect to the database and provide the necessary login credentials. Once connected, you can use the various functions provided by ADOCD such as navigation, sorting, filtering and updating records in order to manipulate and display the data stored within it.

Is there any security associated with using ADODC?

Yes, when using ADODC there are several security measures that can be applied in order to protect sensitive information. This includes encryption of data when storing it on disk or over networks as well as other options such as limiting user privileges so that only certain users have access to specific parts of the database.

Is there anything else I should know about using ADODC?

It is important to note that when using ADOCD it is necessary for you to provide your own error handling code so that problems encountered while accessing or manipulating data can be handled appropriately. Additionally, it should be noted that certain operations may take longer than others depending on the size of the dataset being accessed or manipulated.

Final Words:
In conclusion, ActiveX Data Objects Data Control (ADODC) offers a variety of features which allow developers to quickly create powerful database applications while having sufficient control over how data is accessed and manipulated. With its ability to integrate custom functions into applications along with a variety of security measures available, this object makes working with databases convenient and secure for developers looking for easy ways of interacting with their data sources.

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