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An Area Development Plan (ADP) is a document created by local governments, planning commissions, and regional councils to provide guidance for the short-term and long-term development of areas in their jurisdictions. It is important that an ADP be comprehensive, addressing both physical and nonphysical elements affecting the growth and development of an area.


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ADP mostly used in an acronym Military in Category Governmental that means Area Development Plan

Area Development Plan

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What are the main components of an ADP?

An ADP typically includes a community vision statement, a goals and objectives section, maps, descriptions of current land uses, population and housing needs assessments, infrastructure needs analysis, policy strategies for implementation, cost analyses associated with implementation and maintenance costs.

Who prepares Area Development Plans (ADPs)?

ADPs are usually prepared by local governments in cooperation with planning commissions or regional councils.

How often should an Area Development Plan be updated?

The frequency of updating depends on how quickly the plans need to reflect changes in the community's characteristics or desires but best practice suggests updating them every five years or so.

What types of plans can be included in an area development plan?

These plans can include zoning regulations; transportation plans; water systems; public facilities such as schools or libraries; economic development initiatives; public safety and emergency management plans; natural resource protection plans; recreational facility plans; neighborhood improvement plans and energy efficiency plans.

What is the purpose of an Area Development Plan?

The primary purpose of an ADP is to provide guidance for future land use decisions. It also serves as a tool that helps communities work together to manage growth in order to achieve common goals for the benefit of citizens living within its boundaries.

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An Area Development Plan provides direction for strategic planning efforts that shape the future vitality of local communities by identifying barriers to progress, offering solutions for challenges faced by the town or city it serves, promoting sustainability initiatives that lead to thriving neighborhoods and providing direction towards smart investments for infrastructure improvements.

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