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ADP is an abbreviation for Automatic Data Processing, a company that provides human resources management solutions and business processing services. The company offers cloud-based and on-premise software related to payroll, talent management, recruiting, benefits administration, time & attendance tracking, employee self-service and more. ADP’s products are used by over 830,000 businesses globally.


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ADP mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Adapter

Shorthand: ADP,
Full Form: Adapter

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What Does ADP Mean?

ADP stands for Automatic Data Processing. It is a global provider of comprehensive cloud-based, on-premise and mobile enterprise software solutions to help companies manage their core business functions such as payroll, talent management, recruiting, benefits administration, time & attendance tracking and employee self-service. ADP serves over 830,000 businesses around the world providing customized enterprise solutions to meet the specific needs of clients.

In addition to providing human resources management solutions and business processing services, ADP also offers consulting services to its clients via its specialized ADP Innovation Lab that helps organizations develop better systems for people management. The lab leverages emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA).

ADP Full Form

The full form of ADP is Automatic Data Processing. It was founded in 1949 as a single service provider with the goal of automating payroll calculations for businesses. Since then it has grown into a major provider of cloud computing based solutions for payroll processing, talent acquisition & retention and employee engagement strategies. As the second largest employer in the US after Walmart Stores Inc., ADP operates in nearly 100 countries across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions.

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What is an Adapter?

An adapter is a device that converts the physical or electrical characteristics of one device to match the specifications of another device. Depending upon its application, an adapter may convert current, voltage, wattage, audio signal level and/or gender of a port.

What type of adapters can I use?

Adapters vary depending on specific applications. Some commonly used adapters include HDMI, USB, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt and DVI.

How do I know which adapter to use?

To determine which adapter to use, you must consider both the input and output requirements for your particular application. Consider the devices requiring connection and match their port specifications with those provided by the adapter in question.

Is an adapter capable of converting signals?

Yes, many adapters are designed specifically for signal conversion purposes. These can be used to boost video or audio signals from a source or convert analog signals into digital or vice versa.

How much power can an adapter handle?

This will depend on the specifications of the particular model being used as well as any additional components within the system such as cables etc.. Generally speaking most adapters are designed to handle up to 5 volts at approximately 2 amps maximum without any additional components in place.

Final Words:
Automatic Data Processing or ADP is one of the leading business processing services providers in today’s digital economy. It provides tailored solutions to customers ranging from small businesses to large international corporations in order to maximize efficiency while enabling customers to remain competitive in highly dynamic markets. With over 830 thousand businesses using its products across more than 100 countries worldwide it has proved itself as an industry leader with its cutting edge technology that leverages AI/ML/RPA technologies and customized enterprise solutions unique abilities to meet each customer’s specific needs – regardless if they are large or small – makes it an incomparable partner when it comes to providing modern HRM/business process automation services.

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