The Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS) is an international organization committed to enhancing the quality of life through research, teaching, and application in sociology. It is a professional network of sociologists focused on furthering the science and teaching of applied and clinical sociology. AACS connects sociologists from around the world who are interested in advancing the profession in both practice and research. The organization strives to create an environment where individuals can learn from each other, share their knowledge, and collaborate with others to implement innovative solutions to social issues.


AACS meaning in Clinical Medicine in Medical

AACS mostly used in an acronym Clinical Medicine in Category Medical that means Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

Shorthand: AACS,
Full Form: Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

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AACS Meaning

AACS stands for Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology. It is a professional network that focuses on furthering the science and teaching of applied and clinical sociology. This involves researching topics like social inequality, poverty, racism, health disparities, gender discrimination, economic disparities, immigration status, education levels, career choices etc., all aimed at improving quality of life for individuals around the world. AACS has members from various backgrounds such as professors/researchers/students in sociology departments or related fields at universities; practitioners or consultants working in organizations; staff members working with nonprofit groups; academics or professionals who work with public policy think tanks etc., who’s goal is to use their knowledge to help bring about effective change within their communities.

AACS Full Form

The full form of AACS stands for "Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology". This organization was set up to provide support for those seeking greater understanding of how society works through applied or clinical approaches to research and practice. Its goals include promoting high standards of scientific rigor as well as broadening access to valuable resources necessary for conducting effective research projects in the field of sociology. In addition to providing aid in academic endeavors related to these areas it also seeks out collaborations between academics and practitioners in order to achieve its mission statement which is ‘to foster excellence in applied social science’.

Essential Questions and Answers on Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology in "MEDICAL»CLINICAL"

What is the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology?

The Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS) is a professional organization designed to promote the application of sociological research, theory, and practice to everyday life. AACS encourages the development of evidence-based solutions to social problems by connecting practitioners, researchers, educators, and students from around the world.

What kind of activities does AACS offer?

AACS offers a variety of activities such as webinars, conferences, publications, special topics workshops, and awards programs. These activities are designed to help members stay abreast of current developments in field of applied and clinical sociology as well as expand their professional networks.

How can I become an AACS member?

Becoming an AACS member is easy – simply complete and submit the online membership form on our website along with payment information. Memberships are valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

How much does it cost to join AACS?

The cost for annual membership in AACS depends on the type of membership you select. Student memberships are currently available for $25 per year while regular memberships start at $45 per year for individuals or $85 per year for institutions or companies.

Does AAPC provide job postings?

Yes! In addition to providing a range of professional development resources, AACS also serves as an excellent resource for those seeking employment opportunities in applied and clinical sociology. Our Job Board includes postings from all over the world!

Is there a student chapter program offered by AACS?

Yes! We have a vibrant Student Chapter Program which provides students with access to resources such as funding opportunities, webinars geared specifically toward student interests, networking events with other students around the world, panels featuring successful professionals in applied sociology fields, and more!

Is there a publication associated with AACS?

The official journal of the association is called Applied Sociology Review (ASR). This peer-reviewed journal examines topics pertinent to researchers interested in applying social science knowledge toward understanding social phenomena in various settings including clinical environments.

Is volunteering an option with AACS?

Absolutely! We value volunteerism here at AACS – members who choose to volunteer their time assisting with conference preparations or website maintenance are essential elements that help keep our organization afloat. Interested parties should email us expressing their interest in becoming involved!

Final Words:
The Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS) is an important organization that strives towards realizing better quality of life throughout the world by implementing tools based on sound scientific evidence gathered from research studies conducted by experts in this field. They work extensively with various stakeholders including researchers, students, practitioners, policy makers etc., so as to make sure that current practices are aligned with emerging trends in academia. These efforts ultimately lead towards better understanding our society leading to positive changes which will benefit all citizens regardless color, gender, national origin etc. In this way AACS provides significant contributions towards achieving improved life conditions across many countries worldwide making it one of essential entities devoted towards making global progress towards individual wellbeing.


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