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Alcohol and Drug Policy Council (ADPC) is an intergovernmental council established to provide advice and leadership in the development of comprehensive alcohol and drug policies. The ADPC was first established in 1997, and then re-established in 2008 with a broadened mandate to focus on developing collaborative strategies for Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD), as well as providing a forum for dialogue between all levels of government, community stakeholders, service providers and researchers. As part of its mandate, the ADPC provides advice on best practices, evidence-based policy initiatives, research projects and other related matters.


ADPC meaning in Council in Governmental

ADPC mostly used in an acronym Council in Category Governmental that means Alcohol and Drug Policy Council

Shorthand: ADPC,
Full Form: Alcohol and Drug Policy Council

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What is the Alcohol and Drug Policy Council?

The Alcohol and Drug Policy Council, also known as ADPC, is a national non-profit organization that works to promote evidence-based policies and practices related to alcohol and other drugs. It serves as a forum for policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and other stakeholders to exchange ideas, build relationships, learn from one another’s experiences, and develop models for effective prevention programs.

What type of organizations are members of the ADPC?

Members of the ADPC are primarily government bodies such as state legislatures or departments responsible for alcohol and drug policies in their respective states. Other organizations that may be members include research centers, universities, think tanks, public health coalitions, nonprofits working on drug policy issues, philanthropic organizations focused on substance misuse prevention or treatment programs.

What is the goal of the ADPC?

The goal of the ADPC is to reduce alcohol-related harm by providing information about evidence-based strategies for prevention; developing model policies that can be adapted across jurisdictions; building capacity within localities through technical assistance; linking people with resources around the country; highlighting promising programs and practice opportunities; facilitating dialogue within communities;and advocating for effective implementation of comprehensive alcohol policies.

Who can benefit from the work of the ADPC?

The work of the ADPC benefits anyone who is interested in preventing alcohol misuse. This includes individuals who live in communities where excessive drinking affects their quality of life, professionals who work in fields related to alcohol use such as public health practitioners or law enforcement officers, policy makers seeking effective strategies to reduce harms from alcohol abuse and youth wanting education about avoiding excessive drinking behaviors.

How does the ADPC collaborate with other organizations?

The Alcohol and Drug Policy Council works collaboratively with partner agencies including federal entities such as the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (NIAAA), state/territory governments; international partners like WHO; non-governmental organizations such as CASAColumbia at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health ; academic institutions like Harvard T.H Chan schools of public Health ; foundations such as Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ; professional associations including National Association Of State Alcohol & Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD); law enforcement agencieslike International Chiefs Of Police (IACP); Local Communities In Motion ; media outlets like US News & World Report , etc.

What kinds of services does the ADPC provide?

Through its website www.alcoholanddrugpolicycouncil.org ,the Alcohol And Drug Policy Council provides access to evidence-based research materials , toolkits , best practices , fact sheets , webinars , online trainings , roundtables discussion among experts representing various sectors directly or indirectly involved in substance use prevention activities

Final Words:
The Alcohol and Drug Policy Council (ADPC) is an important intergovernmental body established by members from all levels of government committed to creating effective public health strategies related to reducing harm associated with Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD). By providing advisory services which allow policy makers to identify gaps in current services or explore existing prevention/intervention strategies currently implemented at various stakeholder levels within society; ADPC contributes towards formulating new laws aimed at reducing harms associated with Atod misuse among Canadians while promoting social justice through its work. Overall it serves as an important platform for discussions between representatives from different jurisdictions allowing diverse voices within society who are impacted by ATOD misuse have their perspectives heard when making policy decisions moving forward.


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