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American Dental Partners, Inc. (ADPI) is a leading dental service organization providing management and practice support services to more than 130 affiliated dental practices throughout the United States. Founded in 1995, ADPI works with independent practice owners and dentists to provide comprehensive services, including administrative support and marketing assistance. ADPI also offers practice management consulting, along with financial and technology solutions.


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ADPI mostly used in an acronym NASDAQ Symbols in Category Business that means American Dental Partners, Inc.

American Dental Partners, Inc.

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What services does ADPI provide?

ADPI provides comprehensive services including administrative support, marketing assistance, practice management consulting, financial solutions, and technology solutions.

How long has ADPI been in business?

American Dental Partners, Inc. was founded in 1995.

Does ADPI only service dentists?

Yes, ADPI serves over 130 affiliated dental practices across the US by providing comprehensive management and practice support services.

What type of technological services does ADPI offer?

In addition to administrative and marketing assistance as well as finance-related solutions, ADPI also offers a range of technological services such as digital patient engagement tools.

Does ADPI provide continuing education resources for their partners?

Yes, through their partnership program they regularly host events designed to educate members on new advancements in dentistry and keep them up-to-date on industry trends.

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American Dental Partners Inc (ADPI) provides an array of supported care management services as well as cutting-edge technological solution for dental practitioners throughout the US helping them improve their operations while maintaining quality standards within their practices.

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