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The acronym ADRC stands for Aging Disability Resource Center, and is an organization that provides support services to people with disabilities who are over the age of 55. ADRCs are dedicated to helping older adults and individuals with disabilities maintain independence in their homes and communities through a variety of resources, such as specialized information and referral services, educational programs, health care support services, and other community-based programs. ADRCs also provide assistance in areas like housing options, employment opportunities, and transportation assistance.


ADRC meaning in Disability in Medical

ADRC mostly used in an acronym Disability in Category Medical that means Aging Disability Resource Center

Shorthand: ADRC,
Full Form: Aging Disability Resource Center

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ADRCs serve as a centralized point of access for all types of disability resources. They provide guidance on topics related to aging, such as legal issues, social security benefits, Medicare coverage decisions, nutrition advice, financial management skills development and other aging-related topics. ADRCs additionally refer individuals to other agencies within the larger system of health and human services which may be able to provide additional supports specific to individual circumstances or needs.


The goal of an ADRC is to improve access for individuals experiencing various forms of disability by connecting them with appropriate resources in their local community or region. ADRCs often partner with local organizations that specialize in providing specific services for persons with disabilities such as home modification contractors or attorneys familiar with assistive technology or elder law. By coordinating resources across multiple disciplines they help ensure that people get the best possible care available while minimizing confusion due to limited knowledge about the availability of resources. Additionally they may provide direct support services such as transportation assistance or meals on wheels which could allow individuals more autonomy when it comes managing day-to-day activities.

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What is an Aging and Disability Resource Center?

An Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) provides comprehensive information about long-term services and support for individuals of all ages who have disabilities, are aging, or have special needs. This includes unbiased information about available resources in the community, including home and community-based services, nursing facility options, guardianship, in-home aides, disability benefits programs, transportation and more.

What services does an ADRC provide?

An ADRC provides many different types of services to individuals with special needs or disabilities including assessment of individual needs; connecting with helpful resources in the community; helping to apply for benefits; locating appropriate service providers; helping to identify care options; providing information about home modifications that may be needed; coordinating supportive services for those living at home or in other settings; linking caregivers with respite services and assistance with problem-solving.

Who is eligible to receive help from an ADRC?

All individuals of any age who may need help managing a disability or special need are eligible to receive assistance from an ADRC.

How do I find my local ADRC?

You can find your local ADRC by using your state’s Department of Aging website or by doing a simple online search. For the most up-to-date results, you could also contact your county Department on Aging office directly as they should have up-to-date contact information for area ADRCs.

Is there a fee for receiving help from my local ADRC?

Most commonly NO but it is always best to confirm this information when you reach out to make sure as some organizations may charge nominal fees based on your income/ability to pay. As well as funding sources that are likely different from county to county.

Will I need any specific documentation when visiting my local ADRC?

It depends on what type of assistance you are seeking but typically you should bring evidence regarding proof of identity (driver’s license or passport); statements that verify residence/residency status; records related to physical/mental health diagnosis; insurance cards if applicable; financial information such as bank statements and Social Security cards if applicable.

Can I choose my own service provider when working with an ADRC?

Yes! Whenever possible it’s always best practice for persons with disabilities and special needs to select their own service providers whenever their choices are respected by the organization's policies or considering regulations for funding eligibility. However, if there is no family member available who can be responsible for making decisions concerning care then it may be necessary for the organization itself to act as the decision maker regarding selection of service providers.

Are there any confidential counseling services offered at an ADRC?

Yes! The professional staff at most Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) offer confidential counseling services free of cost which can include topics like money management issues (e.g., budgeting), legal matters (e.g., wills), caregiver support groups, transition planning (e.g., move into assisted living), bereavement counseling, conflict resolution skills etc…

Final Words:
All in all Aging Disability Resource Centers play an important roles within our society by connecting people facing various forms of disability with appropriate resources while also providing direct support services when needed. The mission of many ADRC centers is simple yet powerful; enabling those affected by disability age gracefully and live independent lives without fear or limitation.

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