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The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) is an international organization dedicated to the prevention, management and reduction of disaster risks in the Asia-Pacific region. The ADRC works to increase local capacities in disaster risk reduction and build resilience through a range of activities, such as research, training and advocacy.


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ADRC mostly used in an acronym Asian in Category International that means Asian Disaster Reduction Center

Asian Disaster Reduction Center

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What is the purpose of the Asian Disaster Reduction Center?

The purpose of ADRC is to reduce disaster risks in the Asia-Pacific region by increasing local capacity for disaster risk reduction and building resilience through research, training and advocacy.

Where is the Asian Disaster Reduction Center based?

The ADRC is based at its headquarters in Kobe City, Japan.

How does the Asian Disaster Reduction Center work?

The ADRC implements a range of activities to reduce disaster risks which includes research, training, policy development and advocacy. In addition, it provides technical assistance to member countries and partners on matters related to disaster risk reduction.

What types of disasters does the Asian Disaster Reduction Center address?

The ADRC addresses a wide range of disasters ranging from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and typhoons to technological disasters such as nuclear accidents and industrial accidents.

Who are some partners that collaborate with the Asian Disaster Reduction Center?

Some key partners that collaborate with the ADRC include other international organizations such as UNDP, UNISDR, World Bank Group; national governments; regional institutions such as ASEAN; civil society organizations; academics; research institutes; private sector entities; multi-lateral development banks; etc.

Final Words:
In conclusion, the Asian Disaster Reduction Center plays an important role in reducing disaster risks in Asia and around the world through its efforts in research, training and advocacy. With help from its partners at all levels – international organizations, governments, private sector entities etc., it will continue working towards building resilient communities worldwide.


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