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ADRC stands for Aviation Machinist's Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic) Chief Petty Officer. In the US Navy, a first class petty officer in the aviation machinist’s mate rating is known as a Chief Petty Officer (CPO). As a CPO, they provide leadership and expertise to their subordinates while ensuring that all personnel are working safely and efficiently. They are responsible for performing maintenance and operating all types of reciprocating engines on naval aircraft as well as maintaining associated auxiliary equipment. ADRC personnel work in concert with other members of the aviation maintenance team to ensure the safety of both personnel and aircraft.


ADRC meaning in Navy in Governmental

ADRC mostly used in an acronym Navy in Category Governmental that means Aviation Machinist's Mate (reciprocating Eng Mech) Chief Petty Officer

Shorthand: ADRC,
Full Form: Aviation Machinist's Mate (reciprocating Eng Mech) Chief Petty Officer

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Aviation Machinist’s Mate (Reciprocating Engines Mechanics), otherwise known by the abbreviation ADRC, is an enlisted rank in the US Navy specialized in operating and maintaining engines used in naval aircraft. As a Senior Enlisted member of the Aviation Maintenance Team, ADRC personnel provide supervision and technical guidance to the team while actively engaged in repairing, overhauling, testing, troubleshooting, assessing airworthiness requirements, and further inspecting applicable components related to their area of expertise. Additionally they are also responsible for conducting pre-flight checks on these engines as well as assisting other rated personnel during aircraft launches and recoveries on board vessels or airfields. They require mastering their craft through constant practice along with attending specialized military courses dedicated towards this career field; such courses include basic survival at sea training as well as knowledge in hydraulics systems operational safety procedures among many others associated with mechanical engineering. Once appointed to serve as an Aviation Machinist's Mate Chief Petty Officer they assume greater responsibility over aircraft maintenance teams assigned to them ensuring proper training is administered to each individual service member underneath them while promoting an atmosphere of respect amongst those under their charge.

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What is an Aviation Machinist's Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic) Chief Petty Officer?

An Aviation Machinist's Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic) Chief Petty Officer is a U.S. Navy rating that is responsible for the maintenance and repair of aircraft engines with reciprocating piston power plants. They must have extensive knowledge in the areas of troubleshooting, repair, overhaul, adjustments and preventive maintenance of aircraft reciprocating engines and their associated components.

What kind of tasks do Aviation Machinist’s Mates (Reciprocating Engine Mechanics) perform?

The duties performed by an Aviation Machinist's Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic) include inspecting, trouble-shooting, repairing, overhauling and maintaining engines and associated components on board ships or ashore activities in support of aviation operations. They also adjust engine operating systems such as magnetos, fuel pumps and governors to maintain them within prescribed tolerances; disassemble internal parts for inspection; determine which parts must be reworked or replaced; select proper size cell for bearings; locate defects to be corrected; turn bearing journals with lap tool; fit pistons and valves into cylinder block holes using special tools; dynamometer test engines to ensure safety compliance; solder broken lines in fuel systems; inspect and prepare engines for flight-readiness inspections; run ground tests on complete power plants in order to check performance level before installation onto the aircraft.

What are the education requirements to become an Aviation Machinist’s Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic)?

Job applicants applying for the position of an Aviation Machinist's Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic) should possess a high school diploma or equivalent degree. Most applicants have completed educational programs providing specialized training in aircraft mechanics at accredited technical schools certified by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Applicants should also have some experience working as a machinist or engine mechanic in order to qualify for this Navy rating position.

How much does an Aviation Machinist’s Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanics) Chief Petty Officer make?

As of 2021, a Chief Petty Officer payscale within the Navy can range from $2,895 - $7,061 per month depending upon prior experience level or military rank. In addition to basic pay salary, Chief Petty Officers may receive additional credits based on time spent in the service or additional duties performed during their service career.

How long does it take to become an Aviation Machinist's Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic)?

The process of becoming a qualified Naval Airman usually takes from 12 weeks to 18 weeks depending upon class standing and individual performance. During this period students undergo intensive classroom instruction followed by hands-on training on the job aboard ships or ashore establishments overseeing aviation maintenance operations. Once they meet all criteria required by the US Navy they will be assigned duty station locations either domestically or abroad.

Are there any other ratings associated with the aviation maintenance field?

Yes, apart from being an Aviation Machinist’s Mate there are several other ratings directly associated with aircraft maintenance including Aircraft Structural Mechanics who work on fabrication and repairs of airframes assemblies and components; Power Plant Mechanics who specialize in maintaining jet propulsion engines used in jet powered aircaft ; Special Warfare Fire Control Technicians who provide specialized fire control systems operation support ensuring an efficient mission outcome amongst many others.

What kind of collaboration do different ratings share while performing their duties?

All different ratings enlisted under the US navy aviation maintenance field collaborate closely together when performing repairs or routine inspections onboard naval vessels or conducting operations at shore establishments. This form of joint cooperation ensures that solutions are being reached efficiently while making sure all standards are met.

Is a Bachelor Degree required for advancement opportunities within Naval rate positions?

No, although having a Bachelor Degree can open up new opportunities for advancement within different ranking positions it is not necessary as there are several ways one can achieve higher ranks without having one such as enlisting for extended years, achieving outstanding evaluations, participating actively at community projects related to military etc...

For individuals wanting perform more advanced roles what extra responsibilities would be asked from them?

Depending upon mission requirements candidates may need pursuer specific courses/training program that build upon their core competencies such as developing leadership skills via mentorship programs, advanced engineering course etc.. They may also be asked to participate regularly at organization meetings, document administrative reports, update personal files etc..

Final Words:
The duties and responsibilities undertaken by Aviation Machinists’ Mate (Reciprocating Engine Mechanic) Chief Petty Officers require great skill sets along with vast experience within this highly technical field; therefore when joining such profession it becomes essential that these individuals commit themselves into acquiring deep knowledge about every aspect related to aviation mechanics so that they can properly conduct their tasks while protecting both personnel serving alongside them and any type of naval flight apparatus under their oversight.

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