ADRF stands for the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that works to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities in Albania. Founded in 2010, the ADRF brings together a diverse group of advocates and professionals from across Albania who are passionate about making sure people with disabilities can live full and dignified lives. This includes advocating for disability rights legislation, supporting and empowering disabled persons organizations, promoting disability awareness campaigns, and providing training on issues related to disability rights. The ADRF also runs programs that support employment opportunities and independent living initiatives for people with disabilities.


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ADRF mostly used in an acronym Non-Profit Organizations in Category Community that means Albanian Disability Rights Foundation

Shorthand: ADRF,
Full Form: Albanian Disability Rights Foundation

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What is the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF)?

The Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights of persons with disabilities in Albania. Through advocacy, legal services, research, and public awareness campaigns, ADRF works to promote accessibility, equality, and inclusion for all individuals in Albania regardless of disability.

What are ADRF's core values?

ADRF is committed to dignity and respect for the rights of people with disabilities in Albania. We seek to foster an environment that fosters autonomy and equal opportunity while challenging discrimination through our work. Additionally, we strive to lead by example by promoting socially responsible corporate practices.

What issues does ADRF address?

ADRF addresses a wide range of issues related to disability rights in Albania such as access to education and employment opportunities; assistive technology; accessible housing; inclusive transportation; healthcare; legal protections; recreational activities; and social stigma associated with disability.

How can I contact ADRF?

You can contact us via email at [email protected] or phone at +355 4 22 05 4620. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @adrfalbania or find more information about our programs on our website www.adrfalbania.org/en/.

Does ADRF offer legal assistance?

Yes, through our Legal Services Program we provides pro bono legal services to individuals with disabilities in cases involving civil rights violations or other issues related to their disability status. We also provide guidance on existing Albanian law related to disability rights.

Does ADRF offer financial aid?

No, at this time ADRF does not provide financial aid or scholarships for individuals with disabilities however we do provide resources and support for those looking for alternative forms of assistance such as grants from other organizations or employment opportunities within the community

Does ADRF collaborate with other organizations?

Yes! We regularly collaborate with other local NGOs as well as international organizations and institutions such as UNICEF, OSCE, UNDP etc., working together towards mutual goals of increasing accessibility for all individuals regardless of ability status throughout Albania.

Final Words:
The goals set forth by the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation are ambitious but achievable if action is taken at all levels of society to advocate for change. Through its wide range of activities - from training activists to running public awareness campaigns - the ADRF has been working hard to make sure that all individuals in Albania have an equal opportunity to enjoy their basic human rights regardless of any impairment or disability they may have. Thus, when one hears the acronym “ADRF” they should think not only about what it stands for – Albanian Disability Rights Foundation – but also what it represents: a tireless effort striving towards advancing equal opportunity for all citizens of Albania.


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