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The Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) is an independent research and consulting organization based in India. It focuses on the development of Asia and works to conduct evidence-based research to advance economic and social development in the region. ADRI's research provides policy analysis, strategic advice, and advocacy support for programmes that advance local capacity building, conflict transformation, sustainable development, and inclusive growth.


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ADRI mostly used in an acronym Asian in Category International that means Asian Development Research Institute

Asian Development Research Institute

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What is the purpose of ADRI?

The purpose of ADRI is to conduct evidence-based research in order to advance economic and social development in Asia. It focuses on local capacity building, conflict transformation, sustainable development, and inclusive growth.

What countries does ADRI work with?

ADRI is an India-based organization so it primarily works within Asian countries. However, its research finds applications across the world as its focus on sustainable development can benefit all countries regardless of location.

Where does ADRI get its funding from?

ADRI receives funding from both public and private sources such as international organizations, individual donors, government agencies, foundations, corporations etc.

How does ADRI conduct research?

ADRI conducts interdisciplinary research by drawing upon fields such as economics, sociology and political science. It also employs a range of techniques such as interviews, surveys, focus groups etc. to gather data for further analysis.

How can I get involved with the work of ADRI?

ADRI offers internship opportunities regularly which individuals can apply for if they are interested in contributing to its research activities or wish to gain experience working with a non-profit organization focused on advancing social change. Additionally, individuals can also make financial contributions towards its goals or volunteer their time or skills towards helping out at seminars or conferences hosted by the institute.

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The Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) is a leading non-profit organization dedicated towards promoting socioeconomic progress in the Asian region through conducting evidence-based research programs aimed at advancing local capacity building efforts as well as inclusive growth and sustainable development initiatives throughout the region.

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