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ADRS stands for the Australian Double Reed Society, an organization that provides resources and support for double reed players, teachers, and researchers in Australia. The Society was founded in 2002 to promote the playing of oboe, English horn, bassoon and related instruments by offering members opportunities to engage with other musicians, composers, scholars and educators. It has since grown to include a variety of programs including workshops and lectures on topics pertaining to double reeds, masterclasses with internationally renowned double-reed artists, concerts and forums.


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Shorthand: ADRS,
Full Form: Australian Double Reed Society

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About ADRS

The Australian Double Reed Society (ADRS) is dedicated to advancing the art of playing doubled-reed instruments such as oboes and bassoons through educational activities. It supports professional players by providing teaching materials for schools and universities as well as scholarships for emerging artists. Additionally, its members are encouraged to take part in various events such as concerts or competitions. In terms of research, ADRS promotes projects linked with any kind of musical activity carried out with doubled-reeds in order to expand the knowledge available regarding these instruments’ usage and history.

Benefits Of Membership

Members of the ADRS have access to a wide range of benefits designed to support their musicianship. These include discounted rates on workshops held by leading international professionals; access to printed materials such as instructional books; discounts on instrument hire; subscriptions to newsletters containing articles about important developments in double reed practice; discounted entry fees at local performances; information about upcoming events; and networking opportunities through its social media platforms. Members also receive invitations to exclusive playdays held throughout the year which provide a chance for current members from all levels of ability - from beginner through advanced - be able to share advice with each other while participating in activities such as chamber music or choral singing.

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What is the Australian Double Reed Society?

The Australian Double Reed Society (ADRS) is a national organisation dedicated to promoting the activities and interests of double reed musicians, students, makers and enthusiasts across Australia. Our aim is to promote public interest in the music of oboes, bassoons and their related instruments.

Is the ADRS a recognised charitable body?

Yes, the ADRS is an incorporated not-for-profit association with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Donations over $2 are tax deductable.

What kind of activities does ADRS hold?

The ADRS organises a range of educational activities including masterclasses, workshops, lectures, concerts and conferences for professional musicians and students alike. We also provide opportunities for members to socialise and network with each other at different events around Australia throughout the year.

How can I join the ADRS?

You can join the ADRS via our website by paying an annual membership fee (which includes attendance at all events). Membership gives access to all services provided by the society such as newsletters, invitations to events/concerts and discounts on music products.

Is there any student membership offered by ADRS?

Yes! We offer free student membership for tertiary students who are studying double reed instruments or related subjects at a university or conservatorium. Student memberships come with access to discounts on music products as well as access to all educational resources provided by the organisation.

Does joining ADRS involve any commitment?

No! Membership with us does not require any additional commitment other than paying your annual subscription fees - you can choose how involved you would like to be in our activities. But we do encourage members to take advantage of our range of services including networking opportunities with like minded people either online or through attending our scheduled events throughout Australia.

What type of resources does ADRS provide?

We provide our members with a wide range of resources which includes access to publications such as newsletters and magazines; event invitations; discounted products from leading retailers; online performances; master classes and workshops; networking opportunities; plus much more!

Does joining the Australian Double Reed Society mean I can perform professionally?

Joining ADRS does not guarantee that you will become a professional musician - however it may give you access to additional networking opportunities that could help open up new performance avenues such as recitals, concertos etc... if you actively pursue them.

Does my membership include insurance cover from accidents while playing double reeds?

No - your membership only covers administrative costs associated with running ADRS activities such as publications, printing services etc... It is recommended that all musicians invest in appropriate accident insurance when taking part in performances.

Final Words:
The Australian Double Reed Society is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning how to properly play a double reed instrument or furthering their expertise into research topics related them. Through its various programs - from tutorials taught by experienced professionals to networking opportunities among peers – it gives individuals the opportunity not just excel at their chosen craft but also share their love for it with others who appreciate it just as much! So whether you’re a student wishing to find more information about your favorite instrument or an expert looking for new ideas, ADRS has what you need!

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