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The Aging and Disability Services Administration (ADSA) is a state-level agency responsible for providing services and supports to individuals who are aging and individuals with disabilities in the United States. ADSA works to ensure that these individuals have access to the necessary resources they need to live healthy, independent lives.


ADSA meaning in FDA in Governmental

ADSA mostly used in an acronym FDA in Category Governmental that means Aging and Disability Services Administration

Shorthand: ADSA,
Full Form: Aging and Disability Services Administration

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What services does ADSA provide?

ADSA provides a variety of programs and services including caregiver support, home health care, income assistance, housing options, financial help, long-term care planning, transportation assistance, recreation opportunities, and much more.

Who is eligible for ADSA services?

Eligibility for ADSA services depends on location and individual needs. Typically those over 65 or younger adults with disabilities are eligible. There may also be additional eligibility requirements such as income level or residence requirements depending on the program.

Is there a cost associated with ADSA services?

Depending on the program some costs may apply while others are free of charge. Additional information about cost can be found by contacting your local ADSA office.

How do I find out more information about ADSA services?

You can visit your local ADSA office or visit their website at www.adsa.gov to find out more information about available programs and services

Does ADSA offer medical equipment?

Yes, some locations offer medical equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers for certain applicants who meet certain criteria such as age or disability status. Contact your local office for more information about available equipment and eligibility criteria.

Final Words:
The Aging and Disability Services Administration is committed to helping older adults and people with disabilities lead healthy, independent lives through access to necessary resources such as caregiver support, home health care, income assistance, housing options, recreation opportunities, transportation assistance financial help and much more. To find out what programs might be available in your area contact your local AMDA office today!


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