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ADSD stands for the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division which is a governmental agency. The ADSD serves to provide essential and life-sustaining services to residents of Nevada who are elderly or disabled. The ADSD works hard to make sure these individuals can live their best lives. This article aims to explain what ADSD stands for as well as what services they provide.


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ADSD mostly used in an acronym State & Local in Category Governmental that means Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division

Shorthand: ADSD,
Full Form: Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division

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ADSD stands for the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division, a state-run governmental agency that provides vital support and resources for elderly and disabled citizens in the Silver State. Established in 2004, this division is part of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) with a mission to ensure that aging adults, persons with disabilities, children’s needs are met through advocacy, education, public policy initiatives and direct services.


The ADSD works diligently to ensure that those living with aging related diseases or disability related conditions have access to necessary support, resources, programs, and services such as meals on wheels; home health assistance; case management; adult day care; transportation assistance; respite care; guardian ad litem representation; abuse prevention & intervention programs; nursing home ombudsman program and more

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What is the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD)?

The Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) provides programs, services and resources to assist seniors and adults with disabilities in Nevada. ADSD strives to ensure that seniors, individuals with disabilities, their families, caregivers and advocates are informed about available services and their rights as consumers of those services.

How can I find out more about services provided by ADSD?

You can learn more about the various services offered by ADSD by visiting their website at http://adsd.nv.gov/. Additionally, you may call the ADSD office directly at 1-800-307-4444 or contact your local Area Agency on Aging for assistance.

What type of assistance does ADSD provide for veterans?

For veterans who are aging or have a disability, ADSD provides a wide range of resources that include respite care, adult day care, home delivered meals, nursing home placement assistance among many other resources. Additionally, Medicaid waiver programs are also available which provide long term support services for qualifying individuals. For more information please visit https://adsd.nv.gov/Programs/Veterans_Services/index.htm

Are there any financial assistance programs through ADSD?

Yes! The Financial Counseling Programs through ADSD offers free money management education covering topics such as budgeting; understanding credit; dealing with debt collectors; understanding insurance; avoiding scams and frauds; reverse mortgage awareness; estate planning basics; saving on prescriptions; consumer protections for senior citizens as well as veterans; job search skills; asset protection planning and much more. To learn more visit their website at http://adsd.nv.gov/Programs/Financial_Counseling/index2.htm

Does ADSD offer any caregiver resources?

Yes! The Caregiver Assistance Program was created in order to meet the needs of caregivers throughout Nevada who care for older adults or disabled individual sin their homes or within other community settings such as assisted living facilities or group homes . This program provides information , training , counseling , support groups , respite care , emergency response systems and other pertinent resources to these dedicated caregivers . More information is available at https://adsd.nv.gov/Programs/Caregiver_Assistance_Program/index2.htm

Is legal assistance available from ADSD?

Legal assistance is offered through the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program which covers specialized matters such as guardianship issues , abuse prevention , post death affairs , living arrangements assistance , wills preparation , health directive completion and much more . To learn more visit https://adsd.nv.gov/Programs/Long_Term_Care_Ombudsman/index2b3c6a1e03a7c8f9487e8374a123780f3bc0fd732452bdb36964becddedbd71f__WorkingCopyOfindex2__08282018073424+00001de7ef01cdec88e09f0458409184b540732fda6490fa4ce258347cecc6ba83033fa1ced16bfbaac022052748baae5fd3cfdc31bb4c970154784eb72e0469af89ee888ad50d5423877dfbb07fbf/_ProcessedBy41213CredentialsUserAt20191225143943+000040B0073468F9488E8374A123C11FCF45FD802EABDB36964BECDDEDBD71EBBABCC09CC0FAEACAC7430DB15155FB316CB7DFBCF2274DE78_.html

Are there options for transportation provided by ADSD?

Yes! The Senior Transportation Program assists older adults who do not have access to reliable transportation so they can maintain independence within their communities . This program offers door -to -door rides within a designated service area assigned by the county Area Agencies on Aging . To find out if this program is available in your area please visit http://adsd.nv..gov/Programs/_Transportation__Van_Service__Volunteer_Driver___Map/_ProcessedBy189020CredentialsUserAt20191225142722+0000EC605490488E8374AAB22051CB92121FE30BFDABDB36964BECDDEDBD71E77FE1EE07480FAEEAEF13BEB17490AF7EFBA9119125181AD9EF2173ED4CE4AE3649131BB0F87AB3ED09/.html#SeniorVanServices#AreasServed

Final Words:
The Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division (ADSD) is an invaluable resource for elderly Nevadans who suffer from age-related conditions or disabilities. Through its innovative approach towards providing essential services, the agency offers various forms of support such as home health aides; meals on wheels; case management services; adult daycare centers; transportation assistance and much more. By leveraging all available resources to help Nevadans stay safe at home rather than entering long-term care facilities, the mission of the ADSD is truly commendable.


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