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ADSI stands for American Defense Systems Inc., which is a US-based company focused on providing advanced technology, products, and services to the defense, homeland security, law-enforcement, commercial and industrial security markets. The company has been in operation since 1992 and is based out of San Clemente, California. It has developed successful partnerships with numerous defense and homeland security agencies around the world, including those in the United States, South Korea, Japan, Israel and Thailand. With its innovative technological solutions to many common security issues such as cyber-security threats and border control issues, ADSI has become a leader in developing solutions to protect our nation's critical infrastructure assets from potential attacks or espionage.


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ADSI mostly used in an acronym Companies & Firms in Category Business that means American Defense Systems Inc

Shorthand: ADSI,
Full Form: American Defense Systems Inc

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What does ADSI Stand for

American Defense Systems Inc., also referred to as ADSI is a global provider of advanced technologies related to homeland security and defense systems. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in San Clemente, California, it has since developed long standing relationships with government organizations from the United States as well as other countries such as South Korea, Japan, Israel and Thailand. ADSI specializes in solutions that address today’s leading threats such as cyber-security threats or border control issues while providing comprehensive protection against intruders or adversaries. Its extensive portfolio of services includes integrated physical security consulting & engineering equipment such as rapid deployment barricades; facial recognition software; unmanned ground surveillance systems; video analytics; biometrics; laser detection systems; bomb disposal robots; remote vehicle tracking systems etc.

ADSI Full Form

The full form of ‘ADSI’ stands for ‘American Defense Systems Incorporated’. Founded by two professional engineers specializing in military electronics & homeland security technology - Bill Travous & Greg Koeller –ADSII provides customers with turnkey solutions related to physical protection services such as integrated physical security consulting & engineering equipment such as rapid deployment barricades; facial recognition software; unmanned ground surveillance systems ; video analytics ; biometrics ; laser detection systems ; bomb disposal robots ; remote vehicle tracking systems etc.

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What services does ADSI offer?

ADSI provides a variety of services related to physical, cyber, and personnel security. This includes consulting services, installation and maintenance of access control systems, security technology integration, training and compliance assurance for government and commercial customers worldwide.

How long has ADSI been in business?

ADSI has more than 20 years of experience providing customized security solutions to customers nationwide. Since its founding in 1998, the company has grown to become one of the leading providers of total security solutions for enterprise-level customers.

What is the range of products available from ADSI?

ADSI offers a comprehensive portfolio of products including intrusion detection systems (IDS), video surveillance systems (VSS), access control systems (ACS), asset management systems (AMS), network monitoring solutions (NMS) and identity management solutions (IMS). Additionally, customer can benefit from our wide range of specialized integrated solutions tailored to suit their specific needs.

Does ADSI provide emergency response services?

Yes, as part of our commitment to providing complete customer satisfaction, we provide 24/7 emergency response support on all our products and services. Our experienced team is ready to respond quickly with expert assistance tailored to meet each customer's unique needs and requirements.

Does ADSI provide any type of training for its customers?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training courses designed to help our customers understand proper use and operation of all the products that we offer. These courses include hands-on instruction on product installation and configuration as well as best practices for utilizing the software and hardware components that are part of an effective security solution.

Does ADSI offer any kind or warranties or guarantees on its products?

Yes, all our products are backed by a 1 year warranty which provides coverage against defects in materials or workmanship under normal operational conditions. We also guarantee that all our products will remain fully functional for their specified period when maintained according to our recommended guidelines.

Final Words:
In conclusion,.ADSII offers advanced products & services which are tailored to meet all needs related to homeland security & defense industry. As one of the most experienced global suppliers of turnkey challenges related to physical protection & cybersecurity issues , it offers high quality products & services backed by experienced professionals who are dedicated towards achieving their customer’s goals .

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