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ADSO stands for the Association of Democratic Services Officers. It is a membership organization located in England which works to promote equality and community engagement by providing access to resources, training opportunities, and support for the officers who provide services in local government. The association was formed in 1998 and since then has become a key source of information and advice for those working in local government.


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ADSO mostly used in an acronym Associations in Category Community that means Association of Democratic Services Officers

Shorthand: ADSO,
Full Form: Association of Democratic Services Officers

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What is the Association of Democratic Services Officers?

The Association of Democratic Services Officers (ADSO) is a professional organization dedicated to providing support and assistance to democratic services officers. It was established in 1992 with a mission to promote public service leadership and excellence in democratic service management. The ADSO offers training, accreditation, advice, resources and networking opportunities for those working in this field.

What type of support does the ADSO provide?

The ADSO provides members with access to specialized information on areas such as local government law, policy issues, best practices, and professional development. Additionally the ADSO also provides guidance on legal compliance matters as well as lobbying activities that may be undertaken by its members.

How can I become an ADSO member?

To become an ADSO member you must complete an online application form which can be found on their website. Once your application is received and approved you will gain access to the various benefits offered by the organisation including; access to career development seminars and workshops, regular newsletters providing updates on developments within the profession and representation at a national level through your local or regional ADSA branch.

Is becoming an ADSA member expensive?

Becoming an ADSA member is very affordable depending on the level of membership you choose. There are three tiers of membership - basic, standard or premium- each offering different levels of access and benefits at varying prices. Annual membership fees start from £30 for basic membership up to £115 for premium memberships (fees correct April 2021).

How long does the membership last?

Membership renews annually from the date of joining. All members are sent reminders when their renewal approaches so they can update their details and continue accessing all the benefits offered by being an ADSO member.

Are there any discounts available for students considering joining ADSO?

Yes, student members are eligible for discounted rates if they apply before their 31st birthday. Student membership fees start from £20 annually with reduced access to some benefits compared to non-student memberships packages (fees correct April 2021).

What resources doesADS offer its members?

ADSO members have access to a wide range of resources including research databases, publications and guides as well as webinars and participation in national forums held every two years where delegates discuss emerging trends affecting their profession. Members also receive exclusive discounts from partnering organisations such as training providers or online platforms designed specifically for them.

Final Words:
The Association of Democratic Services Officers (ADSO) is an important organisation dedicated to promoting democracy within local governments throughout England by supporting its members through training opportunities, resources, campaigns and other initiatives. Membership is open to anyone involved in democratic services at a local council level, so if you are looking for ways to make sure your voice is heard then joining this organisation could be very beneficial.


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