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Administrative Medical Record (AMR) is an essential element of healthcare in which patient information is tracked and organized. One of the most important parts of AMR is Admission, Discharge and Transfer (known as ADT). This term is used to organize and store data related to the admission, discharge and transfer of patients into and out of healthcare facilities. It is also used for tracking other changes such as name and contact details. In short, ADT is a comprehensive system which helps healthcare providers monitor the patient’s movements from one facility to another in real-time.


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ADT mostly used in an acronym Hospitals in Category Medical that means Admission, Discharge and Transfer

Shorthand: ADT,
Full Form: Admission, Discharge and Transfer

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ADT stands for Admission, Discharge & Transfer which essentially means tracking patients admitted to a hospital, those discharged from it or any transfer that took place within the facility or outside it. It also includes recording changes in the patient's name or contact details for better record keeping purposes. By using this system, hospital staff can keep an accurate record of who has been admitted when, how their health has changed during their stay at the facility along with all other pertinent information about them. This allows for smoother transitions for both the patient as well as medical staff when they need to interact with each other.


Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) systems are designed to manage all aspects of a patient’s hospital stay including pre-admission testing, registration process, bed management activities such as discharges/transfers/room assignments etc.,and post-discharge follow up care. These systems also help reduce paperwork by storing all relevant information related to a particular patient’s admission history electronically. They accurately track bills pertaining to a particular case along with insurance details thereby preventing duplication or lost documents due to human error. Additionally, ADT systems can also be integrated with billing systems allowing for better financial management resulting in improved cost savings over time.


Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) systems have several advantages over traditional paper records such as increased efficiency through automated processes which improve workflows and eliminate potential errors that may occur due to manual entry mistakes or transcription errors. The use of barcode technology greatly simplifies check-in procedures while eliminating duplicate patient entries leading to more accurate records being created instantly reducing time spent verifying information manually. Furthermore these systems are constantly monitored by trained personnel which helps identify areas that need improvement thus leading continuous quality improvement initiatives.

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What is an ADT?

ADT stands for Admission, Discharge and Transfer. It is a system that records the movement of patients on a hospital or health care facility's database

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Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) systems are integral part of modern day healthcare delivery system providing reliable electronic records with minimal human intervention thereby enabling faster access to relevant reports while streamlining operational costs associated with managing large volumes of paper documentation among hospitals & clinics across various settings globally. The ability of these systems to instantly generate reports based on customized criteria provide tremendous insights into resource utilization & help in making informed decisions related parties involved on one hand while concomitantly protecting individual privacy rights by limiting unauthorized access on the other.

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