ADT is an abbreviation for Army Dependants’ Trust. It provides financial support to military dependents, including families of UK Armed Forces members, veterans and survivors of deceased personnel. ADT is a not-for-profit registered charity and its objective is to ensure that dependents of the UK Armed Forces are provided with the best possible quality of life.


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ADT stands for Army Dependants’ Trust, which is an independent charity offering financial assistance and support to the families of serving or former members of the British Armed Forces. The trust was established in 2006 to help those who have served or are serving in the military and their dependents - spouses, children and other close relatives - to meet their everyday needs.

What Does ADT Mean?ADT stands for Army Dependants’ Trust – it is a not-for-profit organisation providing financial support to military dependants such as the families of UK Armed Forces members, veterans and surviving family members of personnel who have died serving their country. ADT works with local authorities, charities, businesses and community groups across the United Kingdom to identify those in need and provide meaningful assistance tailored to their individual circumstances.

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What is the Army Dependants’ Trust?

The Army Dependants’ Trust (ADT) is a charity that provides support and assistance for those affected by military service, including widows, children and other dependants of serving personnel who are deployed or have served in the past. The services provided by the ADT include financial assistance, emotional support and advice.

Who can access ADT services?

ADT services are available to individuals who are directly dependent on a member of the British Army, regardless of which regiment they serve in. This includes widows, children or other dependents of servicemen and women who are currently serving or have served in the past.

How do I apply for funding from ADT?

All applications for funding must be made through your local welfare office. Applicants will need to provide evidence that they meet all eligibility criteria for assistance from the trust before being considered for financial aid.

How much money can I receive from ADT?

The amount of money available for each individual application will vary depending on several factors including the applicant’s family size and circumstances. However, most grants range between £500-£1,000 per applicant.

Can I get support from ADT if I am not eligible for funding?

Yes. In addition to providing financial assistance, ADT also offers a range of other supportive services which includes emotional counselling and advice about education and housing options for families affected by military service.

Does ADT offer any additional programs or initiatives?

Yes, in addition to its core services the trust also runs regular events designed to help build understanding within families affected by military service as well as educational opportunities such as scholarships and apprenticeships to give dependents a greater chance at leading successful lives even after their caregivers leave service.

Does taking up an apprenticeship disqualify me from receiving financial aid from ADT?

No - so long as you remain eligible according to the criteria set out by your local welfare office you can take up an apprenticeship while still receiving financial support from ADT if necessary.

Does my partner have to be deployed overseas in order for me to get access to benefits under this scheme?

No - You may be eligible even if your partner has not been deployed overseas but had been called up for training/service within UK borders during their period of duty with the British Army.

Where can I get more information about this scheme?

You can find further information regarding eligibility requirements and additional services offered by ADT on their website as well as contact details where you can make direct enquiries about specific issues you may have regarding your application status or claim status etc..

What happens if my application is denied by ADT?

If your application is denied then you will receive written notification outlining why it was refused and what steps you can take next if applicable such as appealing against a decision or re-submitting revised paperwork etc..

Final Words:
ADT is an invaluable resource for anyone connected with the British Military who may find themselves struggling financially due to unexpected circumstances. Through its focus on providing tailored financial support, ADT helps many individuals cope with unexpected costs associated with life afterservice or following a loss in active service. We are thankful for all they do in helping our brave service personnel maintain a good quality of life both during and after their time in service.

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