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Asosiasaun Defisiensia (ADTL) is an organization in Timor-Leste that works to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and to ensure their rights are respected. Established by a group of dedicated parents, ADTL plays an integral role in raising awareness, advocating for change and creating opportunities for those living with physical or mental impairments.


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ADTL mostly used in an acronym Unclassified in Category Miscellaneous that means Asosiasaun Defisiensia

Shorthand: ADTL,
Full Form: Asosiasaun Defisiensia

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What We Do

ADTL provides support to people with disabilities through the provision of education, advocacy services and financial assistance. For example, we fund programs that provide access to inclusive education, provide training on legal rights and create employment opportunities that are tailor-made for people with disabilities. We also partner with other organizations to develop strategies and campaigns that encourage disabled people's equal participation in society. Additionally, ADTL works closely with the government to ensure that policies are designed to be inclusive of people with disabilities. This includes pushing for legislation aimed at providing better access to medical services, improved public transportation options for the disabled, and making sure there is suitable funding provided for disability services. By striving towards these goals, we hope to foster an inclusive and equitable society where all members of the community can thrive regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

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What is an Association for Disabilities?

An Association for Disabilities is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the civil, social and economic rights of people with disabilities in the community. The organization works to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities and to ensure their full inclusion and participation in society. They provide advocacy, resources, guidance and services designed to empower individuals with disabilities and their families

Final Words:
At ADTL, our mission is simple — we want everyone with a disability in Timor-Leste to have every opportunity available when it comes to participating in society fully and equally. With this goal in mind, we focus on creating awareness about disability issues as well as providing assistance where needed so everyone has a chance at living a fulfilling life without juggling extra obstacles or burdens due to their disability.


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