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The Army Drug Testing Program (ADTP) is a comprehensive program designed to identify and eliminate the use of illegal drugs by members of the US military. The program is based on testing, education and prevention tactics, and detection and enforcement strategies. ADTP uses drug testing as one of its main methods for identifying service members who are using prohibited substances.


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ADTP mostly used in an acronym Military in Category Governmental that means Army Drug Testing Program

Army Drug Testing Program

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What type of tests does ADTP use?

ADTP utilizes both urinalysis and hair follicle testing to identify drug use in service members. Urinalysis looks for traces of illicit drug metabolites in the urine while hair follicle testing searches for residual evidence of drugs that have been used over time in the hair sample.

Does ADTP test for alcohol?

Yes, ADTP tests can detect alcohol consumption within 24 hours prior to the test.

How often do soldiers get tested?

Soldiers can be randomly selected for a drug test at any time during their service with no advanced warning. In addition, all incoming personnel and those returning from deployments are subject to drug tests before joining or re-joining active duty.

What happens if a soldier fails an ADTP test?

If a soldier fails an ADTP test they may be subject to disciplinary action or even discharge from the military depending on the circumstances surrounding the failed test result.

Are family members covered under ADTP?

No, ADTP applies only to active duty personnel in the US military and not family members or other non-service personnel.

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The Army Drug Testing Program is an important part of ensuring that US military personnel remain fit for duty, free from substance abuse and in compliance with regulations regarding drug use in the armed forces. By utilizing comprehensive testing procedures, providing educational resources, implementing detection strategies and enforcing consequences for those who fail, this program upholds a culture of safety among our nation's Armed Forces.

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