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An Assistance Dog Training Program (ADTP) is a specialized program that provides individuals with the necessary skills to train dogs to assist those living with a physical or mental disability. This type of program teaches people how to train and work with their assistance dog so they can safely enjoy their daily lives while living independently.


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Assistance Dog Training Program

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What types of disabilities do ADTPs provide training for?

ADTPs provide training for people living with physical and mental disabilities, including autism, hearing impairments, vision impairments, and mobility issues.

How does an ADTP train assistance dogs?

Most programs incorporate multiple methods of teaching such as positive reinforcement, clicker training and reward-based systems to effectively teach service dogs the skills they need. The use of praise, treats or toys are common rewards used in the training process.

Who can benefit from an ADTP?

People of all ages who require assistance with day-to-day activities may benefit from adopting a service dog. This includes children who benefit from having a companion that provides safety, emotional support and increased independence. In addition, adults who live with physical or mental disabilities may greatly benefit from having an assistance dog by their side.

Are there any eligibility requirements for enrolling in an ADTP?

Yes, an individual wishing to enroll must meet certain standards before being accepted into an approved program. Each program will have its own specific criteria that must be met including age limits, pre-assessments, mental ability evaluations and financial requirements.

How much does it cost to participate in an ADTP?

The cost varies depending on the particular program and your situation but many programs offer financial aid or scholarships to help cover some or all costs associated. It's important to research the specific program you are interested in order to understand what fees may apply during your enrollment period.

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An Assistance Dog Training Program offers individuals in need a unique opportunity to gain independence through the power of a human-dog bond while learning how to properly work with their service animal. Enrolling in one of these programs allows participants to receive guidance and support while developing important skills needed when working with a service dog.

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