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Anggerek Desa Technology Park (ADTP) is a unique initiative in the field of technology and innovation. It is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and is located in Brunei Darussalam. ADTP was set up with the vision to become the leading technology park in Southeast Asia, promoting high-tech research, development and commercialization of technological advancements. The main aim of ADTP is to create an integrated platform that enables Bruneian businesses, MNCs and professional firms to benefit from cutting-edge technological innovations and reap the economic benefits from them. ADTP seeks to drive Brunei Darussalam's economy forward by capitalizing on Malaysian’s experienced workforce, innovative technologies, rich human resources database, strong ICT infrastructure and vast business opportunities available.


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ADTP mostly used in an acronym Parks in Category Community that means Anggerek Desa Technology Park

Shorthand: ADTP,
Full Form: Anggerek Desa Technology Park

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What is Anggerek Desa Technology Park?

Anggerek Desa Technology Park (ADTP) is a technology park located in Brunei Darussalam. It fosters the growth and development of Brunei's high-tech companies, providing a wide range of services and facilities to promote innovation and facilitate business growth. ADTP also serves as a platform for research collaborations with universities, accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and other partners in the region.

What kind of services does ADTP provide?

ADTP provides a comprehensive package of business solutions and services for businesses operating within the park. These include administrative support, financial includes assistance, infrastructure development and management, government linkages and industry relations that enable businesses to access resources to enhance their competitiveness. Other amenities include enterprise workspaces, innovation spaces for startup activities, professional event centers for networking opportunities, recreational facilities such as outdoor sports areas as well as provision of security services by trained personnel.

Who qualifies to become an ADTP member?

Any business or startup registered in Brunei Darussalam can qualify to become an ADTP member. Prospective members must meet certain criteria such as having one year or more of satisfactory track record, demonstrating their commitment towards sustainable business practices which are beneficial to the environment and community they operate in among other criteria. Upon approval from ADTP board members applicants will be allocated proper workspace suitable for their needs either within the enclosed facility or directly on its grounds depending on the size of their operations

What sort of facilities does ADTP offer?

In order to promote innovation and facilitate business growth, ADTP provides its members with necessary office space needs including meeting rooms fitted with audio-visual equipment; communal kitchens; outdoor recreation areas equipped with sports modules; 24 hour security service; mail handling services; client registration service provided through an exclusive customer service center; broadband internet connection with secure wireless network access available throughout the premises; warehousing and storage services; printing & photocopying support plus much more!

How can I apply to become an ADTP Member?

Becoming an ADTP member is simple - start by applying online via our website at http://www.adtpbrunei.com/membership_application/. You can find a detailed explanation about the application process under our “Membership” tab where all prospective applicants will be guided through each stage until approved by the board members. After successful completion of your application submission you may then proceed with payment according to your selected membership package.

Is there any cost associated with becoming an ADTP Member?

Yes – there are several packages available according to your organizational needs ranging from four different levels depending on operational scale – basic (RM500 per annum), standard (RM1000 per annum), superior (RM1500 per annum) & premium (RM2500 per annum). For further details refer to our official website at http://www.adtpbrunei.com/membership/.

Does ADTP offer internships programs for students?

Yes – here at Anggerek Desa Technology Park we firmly believe that nurturing youths who are passionate about technology and entrepreneurship will create future leaders capable in taking Brunei’s economy into greater heights. We provide internships not only for students but also recent graduates so if you think you have what it takes then join us now! Also keep up-to-date with our upcoming events which includes hackathons so don't miss out.

Is there any advice available before I submit my application?

: Our friendly staff strives hard to help prospective applicants understand better what actually goes into becoming an ADPT member so feel free visit us during office hours or drop us an email so we can assess your situation together & decide whether your organization qualifies or not.

Final Words:
In conclusion, Anggerek Desa Technology Park (ADTP) presents an opportunity for local businesses and multinational companies alike to explore new business models and develop advanced products or services utilizing cutting edge technologies such as AI, ML & IoT. It also provides an attractive investment climate with a focus on IPG initiatives aimed at supporting our international partners while creating high value added jobs that help drive economic activity within the country through increased job creation related activities like investments into locally developed intellectual properties. Through this initiative Brunei will continue becoming more competitive globally showing a commitment towards its people’s future prosperity while taking part in contributing towards industry 4.0 advancements worldwide.

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