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Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) is a professional car driving organization which provides certified courses to individuals who are seeking to learn proper driving techniques. ADTS is based out of the United States and offers both in-classroom and hands-on instruction from experienced professional drivers. ADTS can help individuals gain the skill and knowledge necessary to obtain their driver's license or become a safer driver on the road.


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ADTS mostly used in an acronym Companies & Firms in Category Business that means Advanced Driver Training Services

Advanced Driver Training Services

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What type of certifications do ADTS offer?

ADTS offers several different types of certification programs, including Defensive Driving, Proactive Driving, Certified Driver Instructor (CDI), Advanced Road Skills (ARSK), National Safety Council Defensive Certification, Mature Driver Education Program, as well as Motorcycle Safety Foundation certification programs.

Is ADTS available everywhere?

ADTS currently serves customers across the United States but is not available worldwide.

Does ADTS offer online courses?

Yes, ADTS does offer some online courses for those who cannot attend the in-person classes for various reasons.

How long is an ADTS course?

The length of an individual course depends on the certification program chosen by the customer. Most programs range from eight hours to twenty hours long depending on individual needs and state regulations.

Is there an age requirement for taking an ADTS course?

Generally speaking, no; however, some certifications may have specific age requirements due to licensing laws and certain types of insurance coverage. It is best to contact your local training center prior to registering for a class with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this topic.

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Advanced Driver Training Services (ADTS) provides exceptional courses to help drivers become more proficient behind the wheel as well as gain important skills necessary to pass their driver's license exam or safely drive on public roads. With its wide variety of certification options available both in person and online throughout the United States, you can rest assured that you will find a course that fits your needs no matter your location or experience level behind the wheel!

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