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Aging, Disability, and Transit Services (ADTS) is a federally funded public service program that provides important transportation solutions for older adults and people with disabilities. The goal of this program is to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation services so that people can remain independent and access the resources they need.


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ADTS mostly used in an acronym Disability in Category Medical that means Aging Disability and Transit Services

Aging Disability and Transit Services

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What kind of services does ADTS provide?

ADTS provides general public transportation services such as urbanized bus and rail systems, rural transportation programs, specialized transportation services, vanpools, and more. These services help to connect individuals with disabilities or older adults to essential activities like medical appointments or social events.

Who is eligible for ADTS services?

Individuals over the age 65 or with a disability are eligible to receive ADTS services. Each state may have slightly different eligibility requirements so it's best to consult your local transit authority for information about your specific location.

Are there any restrictions on who can ride public transit vehicles with ADTS?

All riders must meet eligibility requirements in order to access the vehicles provided by ADTS programs. This includes following safety rules set by the driver and other passengers during the ride. They should also be able to handle their own luggage without assistance from the driver or another passenger.

How do I arrange for an ADTS ride?

To arrange an ADTS ride you will need to contact your local transit authority or transit agency directly. They will be able to provide you with more information on how to schedule a trip as well as any discounts available for senior citizens or individuals with disabilities who use their services.

Is there a fee for using ADA compliant vehicles through ADTS?

Generally speaking, there is no fee associated with using ADA compliant vehicles through ADTS. However, some states may have additional fees which vary depending on the type of service requested and eligibility requirements met by each individual rider.

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In summary, Aging, Disability and Transit Services (ADTS) are designed to assist individuals over 65 years old or those living with a disability access transportation resources they need in order to maintain independence while having access to essential activities like medical appointments or other social engagements. If you believe you may qualify for these types of services it’s best consult your local transit authority directly in order get further information on eligibility requirements as well as how you can arrange an ADA compliant vehicle if needed.

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