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The Alianza Democrática Valenciana (ADV) is a political party in Valencia, Spain that advocates for progressive and social democratic reform. It seeks to develop economic growth and social services for the people of Valencia through its various initiatives.


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ADV mostly used in an acronym Spanish in Category International that means Alianza Democrática Valenciana

Shorthand: ADV,
Full Form: Alianza Democrática Valenciana

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What is the Alianza Democrática Valenciana?

What are the core values of the Alianza Democrática Valenciana?

The Alianza Democrática Valenciana emphasizes social justice, equality, and solidarity as its core values. It also prioritizes environmental sustainability and innovation in both public policies and business practices.

How has the Alianza Democrática Valenciana sought to improve Valencia's economy?

The Alianza Democrática Valenciana has invested heavily in infrastructure development, job creation initiatives, small business incentives, and educational programs that seek to foster economic growth. Additionally, it has pushed for corporate accountability reforms that ensure businesses adhere to sustainable practices.

Are there any other projects or programs associated with ADV?

Yes! The Alianza Democrática Valenciana actively promotes civic engagement through forums, events, and campaigns; increases access to health care services; defends human rights; works to reduce poverty; supports green energy initiatives; and develops neighbourhood revitalization projects.

How can I find out more about the Alianza Democrática Valenciana?

You can find more information on the Alianza Democrática Valenciana by visiting their website at http://www.alianzademocraticavalencia.org or by following them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Is there an official organisational structure within ADV?

Yes! The executive board of directors at ADV consists of seven members from diverse backgrounds who are responsible for carrying out organizational strategy. Each member holds a specific role such as president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary general or delegate coordinator among others.

Does ADV collaborate with other parties in Valencia?

Yes! The Alianza Democrática Valenciana regularly partners with local activists groups and non-profit organizations both in Valencia as well as throughout Spain in order to create collective solutions for social issues facing society today. They also cooperate with other progressive political parties in pursuing shared goals such as gender equality policies or green energy legislation.

Where does the funding for ADV come from?

Most of ADV's financial resources come from private donations made by individuals who support their cause as well as limited government funding provided under specific circumstances. Furthermore they receive some funds from corporations based on collaborations between both entities.

Does ADV hold regular press conferences or meetings open to the public?

Yes! ADV hosts frequent press conferences providing updates on their activities throughout Valencia while hosting annual town hall meetings where citizens have an open platform to express their thoughts on various issues concerning their city.

Is there an avenue through which residents may suggest new ideas or initiatives for consideration at ADV?

Absolutely! All citizens living in Valencia have open channels of communication available through which they may submit feedback directly related to policy making decisions or even share creative solutions regarding issues faced by their communities.

Who is the current leader of ADV?

The current leader of ADV is Luis Martínez Arbona who was originally elected president back in 2015 when he formed part of a seven-member majority vote winning team at a general assembly meeting held that year.

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