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The Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants (ADVC) is an organization dedicated to providing information and support to dairy veterinarians and other agricultural professionals. Founded in 1988, ADVC is committed to helping members stay informed on the latest practices, technologies, and advances in dairy farming.


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ADVC mostly used in an acronym Academic & Science in Category Academic & Science that means Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants

Shorthand: ADVC,
Full Form: Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants

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What is ADVC?

ADVC stands for the Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants. It is a professional organization that provides information and support to dairy veterinarians and other agricultural professionals.

What services does ADVC provide?

ADVC provides resources such as conferences, webinars, publications, newsletters, job postings, continuing education opportunities and access to research studies. Additionally, they offer member benefits such as travel discounts and exclusive discounts from sponsors.

How can I join ADVC?

Membership in ADVC is open to individuals with experience or interest in veterinary practice related to the care of animals used in agriculture production. Visit the website at https://www.advconline.org/to learn more about joining.

Does ADVC have any international chapters?

Yes! In addition to the U.S., there are medical chapters located around the world including Canada, Mexico, Chile and New Zealand.

What activities does ADVC provide for its members?

Through their ‘Members Zone' portal, ADVC offers online courses on topics such as bovine health management or herd performance monitoring systems; as well as scientific seminars discussing state-of-the-art technology practices related to animal agriculture.

Final Words:
Through its excellence in commitment toward improving dairy veterinarian knowledge by offering continuing education opportunities; plus its nationwide reach within countries like Mexico and New Zealand; it's no surprise why thousands have chosen to join the Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants (ADVC).


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