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The Anterior Dorsal Ventricular Ridge (ADVR) is a structure found in the human brain. It is comprised of two ridges on either side of the ventral surface of the brain’s anterior horn and is connected to the corpus callosum. This ridge serves an important role in regulating emotion and motor control.


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ADVR mostly used in an acronym Physiology in Category Medical that means Anterior Dorsal Ventricular Ridge

Anterior Dorsal Ventricular Ridge

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What does ADVR stand for?

ADVR stands for Anterior Dorsal Ventricular Ridge.

What part of the brain does it refer to?

ADVR refers to two ridges found in the ventral surface of the brain’s anterior horn, which is located near the back of the head.

What is its purpose?

The ADVR plays a role in regulating emotion and motor control behaviors.

Is this structure present in all humans?

Yes, an ADVR is present in all humans.

Are there any clinical implications associated with this structure?

Further research has been conducted regarding how certain genetic variations or injuries to this region can potentially lead to changes in behavior or neurological disorders; however, more research must be conducted in order to fully understand these implications.

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In summary, the Anterior Dorsal Ventricular Ridge (ADVR) is a structure that plays an important role in emotion and motor control regulation. It is present in all humans, with potential clinical implications still being researched at present.

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