What does A&C mean in BRITISH MEDICINE

Administrative & Clerical (A&C) is a job classification that involves both administrative and clerical tasks. These jobs are often found in office settings where they provide support to staff and other departments.


A&C meaning in British Medicine in Medical

A&C mostly used in an acronym British Medicine in Category Medical that means Administrative & Clerical

Shorthand: A&C,
Full Form: Administrative & Clerical

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What types of duties do jobs in the A&C category involve?

Job roles within the A&C category typically include tasks such as answering phones, filing, data entry, handling mail, managing schedules and appointments, preparing reports, organizing meetings and events, coordinating logistics and travel arrangements.

What kind of qualifications are required for an A&C position?

The exact requirements for an A&C position will depend on the specific job role but generally speaking employers may look for applicants with good organizational and communication skills as well as proficiency with computers and office software. Additional qualifications may also be required depending on the nature of the role.

What type of salary can I expect from an A&C position?

Salaries for A&C positions will vary depending on experience level, location, and specific job duties involved. According to recent statistics, entry level A&C positions can expect to make between -35K per year while those with more experience may be able to command higher salaries up to K or more.

Final Words:
These days, many companies rely heavily on Administrative & Clerical employees who perform critical tasks within the business. Such roles require additional knowledge base beyond standard clerical duties so employers are often willing to reward these employees with higher salaries than what they would receive in other similar positions.


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