ADWF stands for Alaska Drinking Water Fund, which is the primary source of water infrastructure funding in the US state of Alaska. ADWF funds are used to improve drinking water quality and ensure safe drinking water for Alaskan communities, businesses, and individuals. The fund supports efforts to protect surface and groundwater resources, as well as providing assistance with implementation of construction projects related to proper sanitary facilities and practices. ADWF grants help provide financial assistance for drinking water supply systems that benefit public health, wildlife habitat protection, economic development and recreation activities.


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ADWF mostly used in an acronym Non-Profit Organizations in Category Community that means Alaska Drinking Water Fund

Shorthand: ADWF,
Full Form: Alaska Drinking Water Fund

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ADWF Full Form

The full form of ADWF is “Alaska Drinking Water Fund” in COMMUNITY. This program was created to provide financial support to communities across Alaska who need assistance with access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation conditions. Grants awarded through the fund can be used for planning, constructing or operating public or private facilities; acquiring land necessary for preserving watersheds; conservation or reuse projects; training; waste disposal systems; or any other activities deemed beneficial by DEC that promote improved environmental protection standards related to drinking water within Alaskan villages and townships.

Essential Questions and Answers on Alaska Drinking Water Fund in "COMMUNITY»NONPROFIT"

What is the Alaska Drinking Water Fund?

The Alaska Drinking Water Fund is a state-funded loan and grant program that provides financial assistance to help small public water systems in Alaska finance the construction of drinking water infrastructure.

Who can use the Alaska Drinking Water Fund?

The fund supports public water systems providing water to Alaskans with population of 3,300 or less. This includes both municipalities and rural communities.

How do I apply for funds from the Alaska Drinking Water Fund?

Applications can be found on the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation website at https://dec.alaska.gov/water/akdwf/.

Is an environmental review required before applying for funds from the Alaska Drinking Water Fund?

An environmental review may need to be performed prior to application for some projects. Further information about this requirement is available on the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation website at https://dec.alaska.gov/water/akdwf/.

Does a project have to be used for existing infrastructure or can it also be used for new infrastructure?

Both prospective and existing projects are eligible for funding through the ADWF program.

What happens if I am unable to repay a loan received through the Alaska Drinking Water Fund?

If you receive a loan and you are unable to pay it back, you should contact the ADWF staff immediately so they can provide assistance on other payment options or repayment plans that may be available.

Are there any criteria that must be met in order to receive funding from the ADWF?

Yes, applicants must demonstrate their capability in meeting all requirements related to operation, maintenance, monitoring, and reporting associated with their project as applicable by law or regulation under Chapter 39 of Title 11 AAC 80 (Drinking Water System Regulations).

When will I receive notice if my application has been accepted by ADWF?

You will typically receive an acceptance notification within 30 days after submission of an eligible application with all required documents. A rejection notice will normally follow shortly after this date if your application fails meet eligibility requirements or if there are incomplete documents attached with your submission.

What types of projects are not eligible for funding through ADWF?

Some ineligible activities include recreational facility development, capital improvements unrelated to drinking water supply system components, demolition activities, sewerage system repairs and upgrades unrelated to drinking water supply components, planning studies not related directly to design and construction activity on drinking water system components and operational costs (aside from those associated with enforcement actions).

How much money can I request through the ADWF program?

The maximum total assistance amounts vary depending upon certain conditions; please refer specific question regarding your particular project need(s) directly to a loan officer or staff member at ADWF in order for them provide more details regarding maximum amounts applicable.

: Can applications submitted during one year cycle period carry over into another cycle period?

No, applications submitted during one year cycle period cannot carry over and must be re-submitted during subsequent 13 month cycle periods.

Final Words:
In summary, ADWF stands for Alaska Drinking Water Fund in COMMUNITY. This program was established by DEC to ensure safe drinking water access throughout the state by providing grant funds for projects designed to protect surface and groundwater resources, reduce potential health risks associated with public consumption of unsafe sources, provide construction assistance related to safe sanitary practices, improve existing infrastructure systems or aid publicly owned facilities that serve large populations in need of increased access of reliable clean drinking water.


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