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AE stands for Adams Resources & Energy, Inc., a publicly traded independent oil and gas exploration company incorporated in 1976 and based in Houston, Texas. The company explores, develops, produces, transports, supplies and markets crude oil and natural gas as well as operates two divisions: the Crude Oil Marketing Division and the Tanker Division. Its primary source of income is derived from these operations along with several other businesses such as investments related to oil and gas transactions and real estate.


AE meaning in AMEX Symbols in Business

AE mostly used in an acronym AMEX Symbols in Category Business that means Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.

Shorthand: AE,
Full Form: Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.

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Company Overview

Adams Resources & Energy is a leading independent oil and gas exploration company that provides exploration, development, production, transport, supply and marketing services to customers in the United States. Through its two divisions – Crude Oil Marketing Division and Tanker Division – Adams Resources & Energy focuses on acquiring low-cost opportunities that generate strong returns on investment. Additionally, it seeks out areas of potential growth related to alternative sources of energy such as oil shale or natural gas liquids (NGLs), while leveraging existing operations for further innovation.

Core Business Activities

Adams Resources & Energy's core business activities revolve around finding new energy sources through exploration efforts that include seismic surveys; drilling exploratory wells; geophysical evaluation; reservoir engineering analysis; geomechanical studies; biogeochemical testing; core sampling; data interpretation research; engineering evaluations; mapping subsurface formations; developing and producing projects involving mature fields or newly discovered reservoirs. Additionally, the company acquires low cost prospects through asset divesting strategies which often involves acquiring properties with known reserves or near-term drilling commitments. It also works in tandem with third parties to finance projects when necessary.

Focus Areas

Adams Resources & Energy directs much of its focus toward utilizing advanced technology for specific operations such as directional drilling operations that enable access to hard-to-reach areas or completion activities such as designing optimized hydraulic fracturing stimulation techniques to maximize production rates from unconventional wells. On the non-exploration side of the business, Adams Resources & Energy strives to maximize value via joint ventures where possible while taking part in acquisitions when strategic objectives can be achieved efficiently.

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What is Adams Resources & Energy, Inc.?

Adams Resources & Energy, Inc. is an independent energy and energy related products and services company based in Houston, Texas. The company engages in oil and gas exploration, production and marketing of crude oil, natural gas liquids and natural gas; storage and terminal operations; transportation by tanker truck of crude oil, petrochemicals and other liquids; the blending of lubricant products; the marketing of fuel and lubricants to retail customers; the environmental remediation of former tank sites; and the sale and service of electrical equipment from its distribution centers

Is Adams Resources & Energy publicly traded?

Yes. Adams Resources & Energy is publicly traded on the NYSE under ticker symbol AE

Final Words:
In summary, AE stands for Adams Resources & Energy Inc., a publicly traded independent oil and gas exploration company based out of Houston that owns two divisions focused on exploring new areas for resources while providing traditional services like transport and marketing for existing sources of energy generation across the US. By leveraging their expertise along with advanced technologies they are able to identify successful areas of growth within their sector.

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