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Ammunition ships, or more accurately Auxiliary Explosives Ships, are an indispensable part of the modern military. These vessels provide a vital logistics link between manufacturers and warships, allowing the supplies and materiel needed to support ongoing operations to reach their destinations safely and efficiently. This specialized ship type has been a mainstay of naval operations since World War Two as various militaries recognized its importance in supporting naval forces at sea. Without ammunition ships, warships would have difficulty engaging in combat operations on any extended time frames due to their limited onboard capacity for munitions storage.


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AE mostly used in an acronym Shipping & Sailing in Category Miscellaneous that means Ammunition ship (Auxiliary, Explosives)

Shorthand: AE,
Full Form: Ammunition ship (Auxiliary, Explosives)

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An Ammunition Ship (Auxiliary Explosives Ship) is a specialized vessel designed to carry munitions from factories and other ports to where they are needed by naval vessels and other military units. The primary purpose of these ships is to ferry explosives, rockets, shells and other related materials over long distances while ensuring they arrive safely at their intended destinations. Ammunition ships also generally contain extensive stores of fuel oil which can be used to replenish the stocks of other vessels while underway. While most ammunition ships have limited defensive armaments aboard, their size is often enough to deter smaller attackers such as pirates or enemy combatants who may wish them harm.


Ammunition ships are an essential component in modern warfare and serve several important purposes within the context of conflict. These vessels can supply front-lines troops with the necessary equipment they need in order to engage in combat operations amidst ever-shifting battlefield conditions. As such, these specialized ships play a crucial role during wartime engagements by freeing up the bulk capacity on capital warships that would otherwise be occupied by needed ordinance. Additionally, ammunition ships can provide much-needed fuel for warships on extended mission deployments far from friendly ports which would otherwise drain their onboard resource levels dangerously low In doing so, these ships allow fleets to remain engaged longer than what might be possible given their own stock levels alone.

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What is an Ammunition Ship?

An ammunition ship is a type of auxiliary ship used by the military to store bombs, missiles, and other explosive items. These ships are often referred to as AE vessels. They play an important role in supplying the armed forces with necessary firepower during the course of a conflict or operation.

What Items Are Stored on Ammunition Ships?

Ammunition ships typically store bombs, missiles, torpedoes, mines and other explosives that are used by the military. The vessels also carry supplies such as fuel, lubricants, spare parts and various types of ordnance for replenishment purposes.

How Long Does an Ammunition Ship Stay Deployed?

It depends on the mission requirements and port locations. Generally speaking, ammunition ships can stay deployed for a few weeks up to a few months depending on operational needs.

How Is Access Granted to Ammunition Ships?

Access to ammunition ships is granted via special request from authorized personnel only. Depending on the situation, certain personnel may only be allowed access under certain circumstances or specific conditions must be met before admittance is granted.

How Are Supplies Delivered to Ammunition Ships?

Supplies delivered to ammunition ships generally come via cargo plane or helicopter drop-off. In some cases, ground vehicles are employed as well if proximity allows for it.

What Is the Role of Ammo Ships During Combat Operations?

The primary role of ammo ships during combat operations is delivering supplies such as bombs and missiles in order to provide additional firepower when needed during engagements with enemy forces. Occasionally they may even be used as targets for live-fire exercises.

What Kind of Crew Does an Ammunition Ship Have?

The crew consists of various personnel members assigned either permanently or temporarily depending on the mission requirements needed at any given time. This could include enlisted sailors under command from officers who specialize in munitions handling.

How Does an Ammunition Ship Protect Itself From Attack?

The most common form of protection for an ammo ship would be through its own onboard defense systems such as missile launchers and gun batteries that are aimed at any potential threat within proximity range.

What Would Happen If There Was An Explosion Onboard An Ammo Ship?

In case of an explosion onboard an ammo ship there would be protocols set in place to contain any damage that occurs and protect nearby vessels from being affected by it while trying to minimize casualties at all times.

Is There A Limit To How Much Explosive Material Can Be Loaded On An Ammo Ship At One Time?

Yes, there are safety regulations set in place that determine how much ordinance can safely be stored onboard ammunition ships at any given time without putting personnel or nearby vessels at risk.

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From supplying greenhorn squadrons with replenishments during conflicts throughout history to providing much-needed fuel for distance missions today, ammunition ships (Auxiliary Explosives Ships) have always been an essential component of all major navies around the world. With increasing global tensions leading to rising stockpiles of ordinance around the world, it's likely that these specialized vessels will remain an important aspect of all maritime militaries for years yet come just as they have since World War Two.

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