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The abbreviation AE stands for the Arizona Eastern Railroad. This railroad provides freight and passenger service in Arizona and New Mexico, transporting coal, sulfuric acid, agricultural products, building materials, chemicals, and much more.


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AE mostly used in an acronym Railroads in Category Regional that means Arizona Eastern Railroad

Arizona Eastern Railroad

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Where is the Arizona Eastern Railroad located?

The Arizona Eastern Railroad traverses parts of Arizona and New Mexico. Its mainline stretches from Clifton, AZ to Lordsburg, NM covering 283 miles of track.

What goods and services does the Arizona Eastern Railway provide?

The Arizona Eastern Railway provides freight services as well as occasional passenger service. They transport goods like coal, sulfuric acid, building materials, chemicals, agricultural products and more across their lines.

What routes do they operate?

The Arizona Eastern Railway operates train routes between Clifton AZ-Duncan AZ-El Paso TX-Lordsburg NM-Silver City NM-

Who owns the Arizona Eastern Railroad?

The railway is owned by Genesee & Wyoming Inc., a shortline and regional freight railroad holding company based in Connecticut.

What other services does the railway offer?

In addition to freight service along their lines, the Arizona Eastern Railway offers transloading/intermodal services at its Otero Yard facility near Lordsburg NM.

Final Words:
The abbreviation AE stands for the Arizona Eastern Railroad. This railroad provides important transportation services in parts of Arizona and New Mexico. They transport many goods across their lines while also offering transloading/intermodal services at one of their facilities near Lordsburg NM. They are a vital part of transportation infrastructure in this region.

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