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The Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) is a revolutionary concept in academic research and writing. It was created by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), which was later acquired by Thomson Reuters, to help researchers locate relevant and credible sources of information in the arts and humanities fields. A&HCI combines comprehensive indexing of both published and unpublished works as well as ongoing citation analysis, providing powerful tools for tracking scholarly progress within the disciplines. It's an invaluable resource for those looking for answers to their research questions or New knowledge from other scholars.


A&HCI meaning in Performing Arts in Community

A&HCI mostly used in an acronym Performing Arts in Category Community that means Arts and Humanities Citation Index

Shorthand: A&HCI,
Full Form: Arts and Humanities Citation Index

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What is A&HCI?

A&HCI stands for Arts and Humanities Citation Index. This is a bibliographic database that indexes journal articles, books, book reviews, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, etc., in the field of humanities and social sciences. The citations are tracked to reveal patterns among authors in research topics over time. It serves as a powerful research tool used to reveal author influence across disciplines by tracing references cited by authors across multiple sources. Citations can also be used to identify new trends or current developments in specific areas of research.

How does A&HCI Benefit Researchers?

A&HCI can benefit researchers in many ways. By allowing them to search through millions of records encompassing a wide range of topics, they can have access to relevant information quickly without needing to check multiple resources manually. Additionally, its citation tracking capabilities will help researchers trace back references made by other authors across multiple sources and identify emerging trends in specific areas of research more easily. This way they can stay up-to-date with the most current research developments while also being able to cite reliable work from various sources when writing their own scholarly articles or books on related subjects.


The Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) is a valuable resource for researchers who are looking for reliable sources within their fields of study. Its comprehensive indexing features have enabled it to become one of the largest databases used by scholars around the world to locate relevant materials quickly while its citation tracking capabilities provide users with powerful tools to keep up-to-date with topics related studies within the arts and humanities fields..

Essential Questions and Answers on Arts and Humanities Citation Index in "COMMUNITY»PERFART"

What is the Arts and Humanities Citation Index?

The Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) is a specialized bibliographic database for scholarly research in the arts and humanities. It is owned by Clarivate Analytics, and was created by Institute for Scientific Information. This comprehensive collection covers more than 1,800 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals from over 80 countries. Additionally, A&HCI includes citations to book reviews, selected leading books published since 1995, and citations to both article-length items and essays or chapters from books published since 1975.

How does the Arts and Humanities Citation Index work?

A&HCI is an electronic database or "index" that contains millions of citations or references to articles published in more than 1800 scholarly journals in the arts and humanities fields. Each citation includes the title, author, journal name, volume number; year of publication; page numbers; DOI (Digital Object Identifier); abstracts; indexing terms; etc., all of which helps readers accurately identify relevant articles that they can then access through their library.

What types of information are included in A&HCI?

In addition to citing articles published in arts and humanities journals since 1975, A&HCI also includes citations to book reviews from 1980 onwards. Selected leading books published since 1995 are also included in the database. Citations for article-length items as well as essays or chapters from books are included in A&HCI's coverage.

Is there a list available that shows all of the journals covered by Arts & Humanities Citation Index?

Yes! Clarivate Analytics has provided a website where you can find a list of all indexed journals within A&HCI at https://ip-science.webofknowledgegroup.com/JCRJournalListPaginated#E

What does it mean when a journal is indexed in the Arts & Humanities Citation Index?

Being indexed means that all content published within that journal will be included within A&HCI's coverage. When an article is cited within A&HCI it can be located through searching either its DOI or indexing terms assigned by Clarivate Analytics.

Do I need to pay for access to content indexed within A&HCI?

Not necessarily - this depends if your institution already has a subscription with Clarivate Analytics or not through their Web of Science Core Collection platform or other alternatives such as InCitesTM Journal Impact Reports. Otherwise, individual articles may be purchased separately by locating them through searching either its DOI or indexing terms assigned by Clarivate Analytics.

Are records added regularly to the Arts & Humanities Citation Index?

Yes, records are regularly being added as soon as new articles published within indexed journals appear on any online platform so you can always find up-to-date data when using this astounding tool.

Can I search within titles on Arts & Humanities Citation Index?

Yes! Using Advanced Search which enables you to narrow your results further than just specifying keywords is also possible with one main difference - you can select specific titles for your query under what is known as 'Publication Name.'

Will I receive updates when new content becomes available on Arts & Humanities Citation Index?

Absolutely! There are options available such as alerts via emails so you'll never miss out on discovering amazing content hidden inside this huge trove of high caliber magazines.


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